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Jun 25, 2009 01:08 PM

Hastings, MN for breakfast?

Heading down to do some strawberry picking (1.50/lb) and wondering where I should catch some breakfast that won't flinch at my dirty knees and red tinged fingers. Help.

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  1. Someone brought me some really good (old-timey) donuts from Emily's once. I think that's in Hastings, isn't it? Probably not what you had in mind, but delicious nevertheless.

    P.S. Where are you doing your strawberry picking?


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    1. re: The Dairy Queen

      I might have to go in with sunglasses on. I live near the Baker's Wife and feel guilty if I get caught anywhere else!

      Trying Wyatt's Strawberries - they have asparagus too. Hoping for the best.

    2. the Bierstube has breakfast on sundays, i do not know about the rest of the week

      1. I used to work down there, and you really can't beat Emily's for quality of baked goods. Emily's is right off 61, south of Hwy 55 but before you get to 316.

        There's also a great place right on the main drag there (2nd street) but for the life of me I can't remember the name (I know, not helpful)

        My point is that a number of the places in town are great, just walk down main street and pop in somewhere. Nobody will care at all that you are dirty, it's just that kind of town.