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Jun 25, 2009 12:55 PM

Eden Wok?!

Someone please give me low down on this jewish/Chinese fusion joint.
Super curious about the pastrami egg rolls and the hot dog egg rolls. thanks~!

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  1. The hot dog pastries aren't much different from a pig-in-a-blanket. The sausage could be a little thicker and the whole thing a little less salty, but it's not bad. The pastrami eggrolls I actually like. They're also very much on the salty side and you feel like you ate an anvil afterwards, but it's very comforting in a novel way. I haven't tried anything else.

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    1. never had the hot dog egg rolls but order from here all the time. clean chinese food is hard to find and this place is legit. get the crispy shredded beef, it's fantastic (not as good as Rosie & Ting (rip) but still good) - also, their won top soup is awesome. Big portions. Good food... a little overpriced (actually, way overpriced) but quality eating at a price. sometimes its worth it. don't get the egg roll. Not as good as you're used too. I still get it anyway none-the-less

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      1. DH ate there once a couple of years ago (ordered the lunch special) and proclaimed it was the worst Chinese food he has ever eaten. He said any standard take-out Chinese you see on the streets of Manhattan would be way better than Eden Wok. I haven't eaten at Eden Wok but have eaten at a few Kosher Chinese restaurants and thought the same thing. Perhaps it's because they can't use a lot of ingredients that a lot of non-Kosher Chinese restaurants use -- like oyster sauce, pork, shellfish, etc.

        The pastrami egg rolls sound interesting though.