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Jun 25, 2009 12:14 PM

ice cream maker

can someone recommend a good maker? I already have the cuisinart, and too much ice cream sticks to the walls. I follow the directions and have worked with cuisinart too,

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  1. I was happy with my inexpensive Krups one, until it got dented in a move.

    1. I have the kitcheaid attachment which i like very much. How does the ice cream stick to the walls? don't the blades scape it down?

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      1. re: jenhen2

        The blade turns well, and after its done it's job, removing it and the ice cream, there remains at least 1/4 of the product frozen to the wall of the the tub. What is a kitchenaid attachment? I do enjoy making my own variations ,so will continue with this machine until I get a solid recommend for another.. Thank you.

        1. re: jinthek

          To use the KA ice cream maker attachment, you must first have a KA mixer. The attachment fits all mixers made after 1990. I bought mine a few weeks ago and have been pleasantly surprised at the results. The bowl stays in the freezer. I have a custard mixture in the refrigerator that I made last night, which today I will turn into strawberry ice cream. Yum! I used to have a Donvier that I liked, but it seems to have disappeared in the last move.

          1. re: Jane917

            thanks, I will look for a KA attachment. I didn't realize they made one, they have an attachment for everything I could have guessed!! I don't recommend the cuisinart maker nor the krups, (an older model,I believe I used before) . Since I love homemade flavors enough, I intend to try the KA way..
            try adding some balsamic vinegar to your strawberry ic.

          2. re: jinthek

            The kitchenaid attachment fits on my stand mixer (instead of the regular SS bowl) and the paddle attaches to the turning mechanism. It works very well, but I think with any model where you freeze the bowl, ice cream sticks to the sides. Once the mix is thick and property frozen, I scrape it into a container with a rubber spatula and freeze until firm in the freezer. But there's always some I eat right out of the bowl because it sticks. If your machine is owrking properly, which it sounds like it is, you're going to encounter the same issue with every model, I think.

            1. re: jenhen2

              I saw the original post go up and just tuned back in to see what folks had to say. I, too, have a Cuisinart and just used it this morning to make grapefruit sherbet. Perhaps because sherbet is softer/less dense than gelato or ice cream, I didn't have any of the usual stuck-to-the-wall issue. HOWEVER, like you, jenhen2, I usually reserve much of the "stuck" parts for my own eating pleasure AND/OR wait till it warms up a little, then scrape it down with a rubber spatula.

              I wouldn't say it's 1/4 of the batch that sticks to the walls, btw...more like a thin layer. In any case, none of it goes to waste in this house, I can assure you. ;)

              1. re: kattyeyes

                I have a Cuisinart too, and agree that there is just a thin layer that sticks to the wall. Like kattyeyes, I just wait for it to thaw out and then eat it myself; after all, I DO have to make sure it is okay before I serve it to guests :)

                1. re: kattyeyes

                  I made ice cream this morning and paid special attention to the amount of ice cream left on the walls. It really is but a thin layer that remains--and if you wait about an hour or so, that wall is easily removed with a spatula. I just enjoyed eating the wall while chatting on the phone. It really isn't very much ice cream that's left behind--and you can get at ALL of it if you're patient. :)

                  1. re: kattyeyes

                    I hve no problem being patient for ice cream. :)