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Jun 25, 2009 12:10 PM

Tonic water?

All the commercially available tonic waters are way-too-sweet for me and have way-too-much HFCS for me. Does anyone have any recommendations. I can occasionally find some "Q Tonic Water," but at three bucks for an eight ounce bottle, I'm glad it's only occasionally. I've read about an British tonic water called "Fevertree" but can't find it anywhere in the Washington DC area.

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  1. I really enjoy the Whole Foods 365 house brand tonic water. You can get it in six-packs of cans for $2ish here in NC. They make it with sugar instead of HCFS, and it tastes significantly better than the other mass market brands, in my opinion.

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      I was going to recommend Wholepaycheck's 365 brand, too. It's cheaper than Schwepp's and I think it has a more-refreshing taste.

    2. There's lots of tonic discussion in the archives. We like the 365 as an alternative to Schweppes. I agree that the Q is too boutique-y pricewise. And Fever Tree is in the bar at the Craft outpost here in Atlanta but I haven't found a store that sells it.

      1. quadruple the Whole Foods 365 brand.A step or two up in taste from Schweppes at about the same cost.

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