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Looking for a Chinese Restaurant to take my family for my mom's b-day.

My mom's b-day is coming up next week and I would love to take out my family of six adults to celebrate. It's been a few years since I've gone out for Chinese food in Toronto so I've been out of touch of what's good these days. I'm fine with going to the GTA, Scarborough, Markham, Richmond Hill area. Could someone please recommend a great Chinese restaurant and an utilmate menu I should consider.

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  1. Yang's in Richmond Hill is one of the current best! For the 'ultimate menu'. They do offer a prix fix dinner for 11. Will set you back $2688 though!!

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      Thanks for the suggestion Charles. Where is Yang's located? Is it along Hwy 7? Okay, that's way above my budget. Sorry, I guess I should be clearer...I'm looking for good food for good deal rather then pure crazy luxery. :) I hope Yang's has a cheaper prix fix dinner then that one.

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        If I ordered some dishes a la carte, which dishes would you recommend for Yang's?

    2. I'm assuming that you only need a set dinner for 6, not 11 people, so that should solve the original problem of the hefty price tag :)
      Although I defer to CharlesYu's epicurean wisdom (insert hailing CharlesYu kow tow here), I am assuming that the steep price tag of Yang's comes from the quality of the upscale ingredients (shark's fin, abalone, conpoy, etc.)...If Mom and family would appreciate the previous ingredients, then by all means....
      However, you may be able to still order a set course menu (a la carte being uncommon at sit-down banquet meals), but perhaps tailored to suit your budget if you omit some of the pricier items.
      If you're looking for a decent meal that won't break the bank, I'm wondering if something like a Peking Duck or whole suckling pig dinner with double fish and lobster courses wouldn't suffice? And consult the restaurant to tailor the banquet-style meal to your tastes? At a place, like, say, Golden Abalone, or Peaktop Chinese Cuisine (or others-consult TO boards for more discussion). These menus wouldn't set you back more than $300, possibly, and both have modern, new decor, comfortable to share special occasions with your family... and leave Yang's until your parents are paying (alas, I'm waiting for my next wedding/family meal for such precious stuff....)

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        BTW, don't forget to consider O'Mei on Hwy#7 as well?! Great and unique Giant Lobster 4 ways. ( About $150 for the 4 lobster dishes )

      2. Come on Now... Did you mean to post a rate of $244.36 per person at his recommended spot??? That's insane. Surely there is an error. Nothing is worth that price tag

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          Per Se is (slightly) more expensive.

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            What do you mean ? FYI, a single abalone for one person can cost more than $1000 CAD, and it is just like the size of a appetizer.

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              Whether the meal is Italian, French, Japanese or Chinese, depending on ingredients used, price tag of the meal can reach astronomical figures! A simple plate of pasta covered with shaved White Alba truffles can easily cost more than $244.36 a plate. Likewise an 8 oz A6 grade Kobe filet mignon in Japan can be had for over $700. Both skylineR33, Singapore hound fourseasons and myself were all fortunate enough to savour simply poached giant conch that costs around $250 for two pan pizza size slices in Hong Kong!
              The $2688 Yang's menu that I eluded to features delicacies like Grade A Goeduck clams serve sashimi style, braised dried Japanese abalone, top quality shark fins, half lobster per person, steamed 'live' garoupa from Florida, fresh sea urchin fried rice and dessert using the expensive birds nest. In Hong Kong, where the aforementioned ingredients can be raised up a few notch in quality, a comparable menu can easliy fetch Can $ 2443.60 per person!!!! Similar to skylineR33's experience, I too have seen Michelin star restaurants in Hong Kong listing some fist size Japanese dried abalone at around Can $2000 each! I guess sky's the limit when it comes to great food featuring great and rare ingredients!

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                Hi Charles,

                Yeah, I still do not understand why those giant conch/welk can be so expensive, even it is one of the most delicious thing I had !! I heard that it requires top skill of the chef to 'thin' slice the 'meat' of the welk to a big sheet without breaking it, to give a unique wonderful chewing texture ...

                I just gave the new cantonese restaurant 'Wu Yi Villa' (武夷山莊) a try, food there is great ! But it is very expensive, even more expensive than Yangs. Had their special 5 lbs lobster dish (玉龍抱珠, dragon ball ?), the lobster meat is wok-fried perfectly to give the best soft bouncing texture, not a hint of rough or rubbery. The first item in the menu is the $280 dried Japanese Yoshihama abalone !!

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                  Good morning skylineR33. Woiw! You had Yoshihama abalone yesterday?! I'm salivating!!

                  Didn't buy Chinese newspaper this week. Therefore , first time I heard of this new restaurant! Where about is it? Wonder where the chefs are from?!
                  (BTW, mother's fine! Might not need to take trip afterall!? Still wait & see!)

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                    No, I did not order the abalone, I just saw it in the menu...

                    Wu Yi Villa is at Birchmount and Steeles, just opposite to Casa Imperial.

                    Good to hear the news from you ! Not sure about the chef, but one of the captain and some staffs are from the chinese restaurant (Jade Garden ? the name now changed to Paradise) at Leslie and Finch.

            2. Thanks for all the suggestions. As much as I love the meals that come with a typical banquet style dinner (Shark fin soup, lobster, fish and upscale dishes), I guess what I am looking for are different kind of dishes to try out. The lobster 4 ways sounds really cool and interesting. I may consider that. One time I had a friend take me to a place called Tachikee...I'm not sure of the spelling and she ordered these honey fried oysters that just blew me away! So it would be nice to try something new that is outside of a banquet menu.

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                You will find quite a lots of recommendation in these 2 recent links :


                Just a note that depends on the banquet set, there are different ways and combination to cook that shark fin, lobster, fish, etc ........... but if the budget for a 10 people banquet dinner set is no more than $300 (not including wedding banquet, because it is charged with a much higher price), then probably only the "typical" no-surprise dishes will be provided.

                The honey fried oysters dish is a very common dish that can be found in many typical cantonese restaurants such as Tanchikee, Magic Wok, Judy cuisine... they are all pretty good, maybe you want to try out the others and do a comparison !

              2. I love the big chinese place (sorry can't remember the name) in the Chinese Plaza on Dundas St W. west of Dixie in Mississauga.

                We have been going there for years for birthdays, celebrations, when relatives visit us from outside the country etc as almost all my family members, relatives etc love chinese food.

                We always go for the seafood and its never failed.

                1. Asian Legend on Dundas at Beverley/Spadina could work...good food, pleasant atmosphere'great service....Miranda

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                    wow, the honey fried oysters is a common dish now..that just shows how out of touch I am with eating out these days. Wow, I'll have to venture out to try those place to make a comparison.

                    Hmm...I really like the food at Asian Legend too but I think I'll go more on the Cantonese style of food this time round. I think I'm going to try Yang's. Are reservations highly recommened for the weekend for dinner?

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                      Kinda surprised me too when someone ordered honey fried oysters. I didn't really think the flavours work well together (briny and super-sweet). Strange that it's popular.

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                        Thanks again for everyone's suggestions. We ended going out earlier than anticpated for my mom's b-day. We ended up going to Yang's after all. The quality and service was overall superb. We ended up ordering a set menu for 4 but just told then to extend the same menu 6 people instead and added two extra dishes that we wanted to try. The set menu include shark fin soup which was good, except I found it a bit too salty. I had to order the honey fried oysters and boy were they really good. Made differently from Tanchikee, but very good. I know the combo sounds weird, but I love it. I think I like more so because of the sweetness and the texture. I really liked their cashew and angus beef stir fry dish. The meat was very tender. Very nice atmosphere(modern), very attentive staff. I like the dishes that were on the table. We found even the tea was very nice and smooth. I would go back again. Thanks for the suggestion Charles, it was nice place for my mom's celebration. I'll have to venture out to the other places now :P

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                          You are most welcome! Glad you have a nice time!

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                            I'm curious as to what the overall price was for 6 people for your dinner?
                            Am thinking of bringing some family friends from Switzerland to eat at Yang's, so we would be 6 people as well, thought perhaps on this occasion not as inclined to order the seafood delicacies (alhough, Charles Yu, I am salivating over your mention of of sashimi-style geoduck.....).

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                              If you order the prix fixe dinner for 4 and then add two or three a la carte dishes of your liking. ( assuming no exotic ingredients ). A very enjoyable meal should set you back around $200 or less, before tax and tips.

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                                Thanks Charles, for your help. I'll report back after we decide on a restaurant!

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                                  With the prix fixr dinner for 4 (we added extra to extend the meal for six) plus two other dishes worked out to around $300. It could have been cheaper if we didn't have the shark fin soup. I think I like the idea of ordering a la carte more. You order the stuff that you like. However, if you don't have an idea what to order then the prix fixe dinner is the way to go because there is a good variety of dishes in the prix fixe. The quality of the food and service was very good.

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                                Had geoduck sashimi in Vancouver. SO. GOOD.

                                ... that is all.