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Jun 25, 2009 11:40 AM

All clad copper core vs stainless

I currently use all clad stainless with induction and I think it is great.

But for gas cooking will I notice a difference between copper core and the stainless. Anyone with actual experience between the 2 lines?

Does the copper core come up to temperature faster, does it cool down faster also?

Is bar keeper's friend safe to use on the copper decoration ring?

Also just curious, , sometimes I do see all clad pans in restaurant kitchens on some TV show (outside dirty as heck and such), are they using the copper core or stainless? I know the handles are different but I never paid enough attention.

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  1. If you are going to buy copper buy real copper, Borgeat, Mauviel or Falk.

    All Clad MC2 is what a lot of the cooking shows use because it is their cheapest line and in my view the best (though it cannot be used with induction tops). It stains easily but I don't care what the outside of a pan/pot looks like. The MC2 lacks the outer layer of stainless steel and therefore I think it cooks more effeciently.