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Jun 25, 2009 10:59 AM

Restaurant for Monday Lunch in Lambertville/New Hope?

Hi everyone,
We're planning an outing to Lambertville/New Hope, which shortsightedly, is on a Monday when many restaurants are closed. Can anyone recommend someplace nice for lunch that does open Mondays? Also, are the shops open on Mondays? I'm hoping that they will want to capitalize on the summer season and stay open.

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  1. Martine's River House in New Hope is open for Lunch on Monday's. It's very nice! Make sure you sit out back on the patio overlooking the river.


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      Thanks so much for the info, StantonChef! Can't wait to check it out.

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        gotta agree with ambrose & akein. The new Martine's (riverside) is to be avoided. The old adage holds true here - the closer you get to the water, the worse the dining experience.

        Martine's had been our favorite in NH for many years.

        We LOVED the old place with its massive stone walls, welcoming fireplace and intimate fine dining. The cuisine and staff were always great and more than accommodating - whether in the crush of tourist weekends or the calm of mid winter weeknights.

        Sadly, the new location is nothing like the old. No ambiance except for the river, indifferent service, unwelcoming hosts and an uninspired menu now prevail. Great for the one and done visits by the tourists, but nothing for locals to want to come back to.

        We've had a couple of enjoyable lunches recently at Lilly's by the Canal in Lambertville. Have not visited for dinner, but the lunch was quite nice.

      2. I personally do not like Martine's. Something (negative) happened when this restaurant changed locations a few years ago. We went to the new location twice and will not be returning. You can read about my penultimate visit here:

        I never bothered to post about my last visit. In fairness, I know that some people like the place. If you search on the PA board, you'll find a number of discussions that include Martine's.

        If it's a nice day, you'll probably want to sit outside. I would therefore suggest the Lambertville Station Restaurant on the Jersey side or The Landing on the PA side. The food is quite acceptable at both places but the ambience can't be beat. If you go a little before noon, you can probably snag a riverside table at The Landing.

        1. in new hope, we had a decent lunch at Mothers as well as Wildflowers

          also really disappointed with the new Martine's... loved the old space much better, as well as the food....

          lambertville station's is pretty good... also in L-ville really liked Cafe Full Moon
 Sneddon's and Caffe Galleria aren't bad, either

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            I really like the Full Moon and if the weather is poor I would head there rather than one of the riverside establishments I mentioned above (IMHO, the food is better at the Full Moon).

            Lilly's seems to receive wildly variable reviews. For the OP, however, this is moot because the restaurant is not open on Mondays.

            1. re: ambrose

              Love the Full Moon as well. Great in all regards.

              1. re: Foody4life

                Thank you Foody4life, ambrose and akein for your input and excellent suggestions. I will report back to let you know where we went.

            2. re: aklein

              Anybody know what's in the old Martine's building?

              1. re: gbean

                It's now Marcella's (northern italian cuisine). They used to have the small place on 32 (river road) near Washington Crossing. Solid italian. Was BYOB when it first opened at the old Martine's. May now have a license. We haven't been back in a while.

                1. re: Foody4life

                  Although I haven't been in some time I will miss the cozy old Martine's.

            3. Just wanted to report back that we wound up at Martine's. It was the first place we hit and we were hungry! I must say, we had a lovely time. The service was cordial and at an appropriate pace. Each one of us enjoyed our lunches (two salads and a quesadilla (sp?)). The view of the river was spectacular, as advertised. I would highly recommend it for lunch. Of course, I don't know what it was like in it's previous location and can't speak to the quality at dinner. Thank you StantonChef and everyone, for all of the excellent recommendations, which I'm sure I'll make use of in the future.

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              1. re: 60s Girl

                60's girl: so glad it worked out. You can't beat the location, and I know it would have been a relatively safe bet for lunch. Thanks for the follow-up. Now where do you want to go? lol

                1. re: StantonChef

                  Ha! Right, onward and upward! ;-) Well, next we'll be going to Lambertville. I'm thinking we'll go on a Wednesday so that Lilly's will be open. I was there for dinner once and thought it was really charming. Thanks once again for the great recommendation!