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Jun 25, 2009 09:43 AM

can't get reservations at spring, now what?

We are landing on saturday and I tried to make reservations for wed, thur and friday at spring but it is all booked :(. We will probably go try his lobster sandwichs on sat.

We can't afford a star restaurant and we are only bringing casual clothing for our 1 week paris trip but we would love to have a special culinary experience, something like "we ate there before ...." .

looking for less than 100 euro per person with reasonable wine. Any ideas?

thank you

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  1. You could try Biggarade in the 17th. It has received one Michelin star, but is still within your budget. The restaurant only offers surprise tasting menus. I believe the price is 45 euros at lunch and 65 euros for dinner for menus that can be 8-10 courses. Not too formal and is a restaurant on its way up.

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      Thanks Michael,

      Would there be lots of fish? :(

      1. re: gerrythegreat

        Maybe, the menus change each day and are comprised of whatever is available and good at the market. The menu is a surprise menu so one has little opportunity to make changes or say in what one receives (which appeals to me, but may not to some diners- I believe the menu at Spring is also fixed and very limited).

        For a full review with pictures, check out this site;

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          Fish is expensive, so you're unlikely to get a lot at a non-expensive place. Add le Chateaubriand to your list, for modern creative French. Also lunch at La Table de Joel Robuchon, or at Le Paris in Hotel Lutetia, resp. 55 and 60 beverage included. For traditional bistrot, consider Joséphine for instance.

      2. I really like Le Gaigne which is on the up.

        the chef formerly worked with Gagnaire at Gaya and at Pierre Gagnaire, and is out on his own with a little ambition.

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