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Frozen Yogurt

Are there any chain style frozen yogurt stores in downtown Montreal? I know there is a TCBY in Cote Saint Luc but this is not very accessible for me. Frozen Yogurt used to be my favourite treat as a mallrat pre-teen in the early nineties. Since then it had fallen out of favour but recently its popularity seems to have experienced a resurgence what with the establishment of Pink Berry and similar brands in the states. Is there anything to speak of in Montreal?

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  1. For TCBY, here are the locations in Quebec:


    If I think of anything else I'll let you know. I don't eat frozen yogurt myself, but do regular ice-cream shops (Baskin Robbins, Ben & Jerry's) not usually carry a few flavours?

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      What I'd like is a chain that specializes in soft serve frozen yogurt, has several different kinds, various toppings, etc.

      I don't remember the name of the franchise I used to frequent out west.

      1. re: mainsqueeze

        Red Mango perhaps? I think it,s even better than Pinkberry.

        1. re: hungryann

          No, I don't think Red Mango existed back then.

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            I seem to remember something called Yogurty's in some mall food courts in Vancouver back in the 80s-early 90s. I had forgotten all about it! Seemed like the logo had a guy in a safari-type outfit - although it sounds kind of bizarre now! Not sure if it still exists...starting to wonder if it ever did!

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        Baskin Robbins has a flavorful selection of frozen yougurts, but they are all sold from tubs, just like, and with the same consistency as, regular ice cream. The Pralines & Cream is excellent, and less of a cheat than the "real" stuff if such things matter to you.

      3. They have a pink berry in kuwait, but not in Canada. Boo!

        1. Yogen-Fruz (real frozen yogurt blended with frozen fruit) is is available at "La Cremiere" outlets in Place Vertu, Fairview, and Rockland shopping centers.

          1. I'm a bit reluctant to share the info since these guys tried to spam the board a few weeks ago, it looks like there's a Pinkberry clone now open in Montreal.


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              Tried Yeh! first time last weekend during the St-Laurent Street Festival. Initial impression, I like their stuff, but I don't have much experience tasting frozen yogurt except for Yogen-Fruz stuff. Yeh! is self-serve(you choose the frozen yogurt & toppings). The price goes by weight(not too expensive).

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                How much did you pay? What flavour did you try?

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                  I had a free sample during the street fest. I thought it was pretty good, but it was the first time I'd had frozen yogurt in years, so I'm a bad judge. It was also plain -vanilla?- so a bad flavour to judge too.

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                    I paid about $3(with 2-3 toppings). I can't remember for certain, I think I took strawberry. Other flavours included I think vanilla, green tea, mango, chocolate & raspberry.

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                      Correct myself(my memory wasn't too good on the flavours). Was there again yesterday. The flavours at Yeh! are natural(vanilla), green tea, mango, chocolate mint(not 100% certain from memory), strawberry cheesecake, cafe, strawberry & blueberry. It cost me under $2(including tax) this time.

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                        Is this frozen yogurt slightly tart?

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                          It's less tart than the Yogen Fruz type stuff. I got to taste it again, to see how tart it is.

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                            Yeh ! opened on Ste Catherine st, near St Mathieu, it's self serve ; I tried it a few times , it's delicious, I read that it's under 30 calories an ounce which is very reasonable. You sprinkle as little or as many toppings as you like.

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                              Still not sure if the Yeh! product is totally new to the Montreal market(the Yeh! people say yes)? I've tasted similar frozen yogurt product in Montreal before(recently & over the years). It's a tart tasting kind of frozen yogurt.

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                                Yeh first opened on St-Laurent over a year ago.

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                                  I was at Yeh! when they first opened on St-Laurent blvd(maybe the opening week). Maybe 15-16 months ago.

              2. Another Pinkberry clone just opened on Crescent. This one is called Swurl. Website says it's opening soon but twitter and facebook accounts say they're open.


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                  I would say it's a Yeh! clone, even down to the pricing structure... yeh charges 48cents an ounce, while Swurl charges 45... After visiting Yeh several times, I like their consistency and their flavors. After trying Swurl, I can say (for me at least) that there is no comparison. Yeh all the way.

                  Pinkberry (and I may be wrong here) offers 2 flavors (original and chocolate) and they have very few other (seasonal) flavors. This is what I remember from my last visit to NYC.

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                    I went there today and I liked it. I've never tried Yeh though so I can't compare. They had about 8-10 flavours from what I remember. I got chocolate and caramel and they were both good. Lots of toppings as well.

                2. Last week Yeh! Yogurt (Ste-Catherine location) had a promotion - the flavour of the week was cherry and as long as you took some cherry yogurt in your dish (even just a tiny bit), you got $1 off. I'm not sure if they are doing this every week, but it's worth asking the staff if you go.

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                    Just coming back from there and this promotion ends today!

                  2. Is the Yeh! on Monkland open yet??

                    I'm about to split to Mikado's for lunch and would love to swing by to try this place out afterword! I passed by the St-Cathe location across from the Faubourg yesterday afternoon but had no apetite after the huge pad thais and rolls from Bangkok. I hope the Monkland franchise is up and running!

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                      They were busy at work there last week but it looked like they still have a week or so to go before opening.

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                        i have try Swurl on crescent street, well, price wise it is cheap, quality wise it is very expensive. taste like soft chinese buffet ice cream without any taste of yogurt at all, made with water and artificial flavour, beurk!

                        1. re: eat2much

                          Confirmation that the Yeh! on Monkland is not open yet.

                      2. I finally went to the one on Monkland a couple of weeks ago and... YUCK!

                        I really don't get the hype at all?? I tried just about every single flavor and they were all pretty gross. I tasted not the slightest hint of real food product or fruit in anything, it tasted like synthetic space food. I would have preferred to drink a highball of robatussin over some of the flavors I tried like root beer, coconut, cheesecake, etc! Even the plain yogurt tasted like sun tan lotion or something. I'll stick to my regular old frozen banana and blueberry yogenfruz style cups for a couple of bucks ANY day over this new fad chain. I didn't think I could ever have such a strong opinion on frozen yogurt... indifference maybe... but I literally threw 75% of what I ordered into the garborator of my kitchen sink because I couldn't stomach it. Blech!

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                          You've confirmed what a friend told me about his recent visit to Yeh! on Monkland - that everything tastes very artificial and chemically. Too bad.

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                            Exactly! I was surprised based on ALL the hype about this place... they have a great marketing team. It's not a bad concept but too bad the "yogurt" tastes and smells like plastecine.

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                            Man, I couldn't agree more. It tastes like plastic. My friends love the one on St-Laurent, while Ripples one of the best and reasonably-priced ice cream joints is just up the block.

                            Re. pricing. Watch out at Yeh! They've discovered a very clever way of pricing by weight. Now say you were feeling oinkey, and a price board said that filling that cup near full would cost $7 or $8, would you buy it? Of course not. You'd never pay that much for a double-scoop of ice cream. (I paid $6 for one at Meu-Meu and while it was good, it was a rip-off. Ripples is under $3.50.)

                            But at Yeh, my friends spent $5 to $8 each all the time, 'cause by the time you fill up your cup with different flavours, some toppings, and they weight it and give you the price, you're gonna be a jerk and say you don't want it anymore?

                            Very sneaky, rip-off pricing.

                            1. re: Shattered

                              It can't be a sneaky rip off "all the time". After your first visit you get a very clear idea about how much it will cost depending on how much/little you put into the container. I have never spent more than $5.00 on a serving. If you don't want to spend more than that, simply resist filling the container up to the rim.

                              1. re: eat2much

                                I agree... Im not a huge ice cream or frozen treat person but I went a couple times and I think I paid 4.50 or something it seemed like a good price but i do remember thinking that someone could end up with a huge bill fairly easily

                                1. re: eat2much

                                  Obviously no-one puts a gun to your head, but I'm just saying it's easy to get carried away and pay more than you would if they had a sign saying "Medium serving: $5, Large $8", etc.

                                  Anyway, my friends keep going back, so I guess they don't mind, even though they pointed the sneaky pricing out (& "sneaky" was their word). But then again, they prefer that crap to ice cream or gelatto in the 1st place...

                            2. Le Patio on Mont-Royal has frozen yogourt. You can mix it with your choice of real fruit or with one of their sorbet flavours. I've had the latter with their lemon sorbet and it's fantastic!

                              1. Yeh! Ste-Catherine gives 10% off to Concordia students.

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                                  ^ still a 90% waste of money for frozen medicine tasting yogurt.

                                2. Yeh! should be called Meh! ... or even Bleh! ...

                                  I concur with those who've employed such descriptors as 'medicine' and 'plastic', to which I would unhesitatingly add 'suspiciously dyed, gelled and aromatized'.