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Jun 25, 2009 09:17 AM

Frozen Yogurt

Are there any chain style frozen yogurt stores in downtown Montreal? I know there is a TCBY in Cote Saint Luc but this is not very accessible for me. Frozen Yogurt used to be my favourite treat as a mallrat pre-teen in the early nineties. Since then it had fallen out of favour but recently its popularity seems to have experienced a resurgence what with the establishment of Pink Berry and similar brands in the states. Is there anything to speak of in Montreal?

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  1. For TCBY, here are the locations in Quebec:

    If I think of anything else I'll let you know. I don't eat frozen yogurt myself, but do regular ice-cream shops (Baskin Robbins, Ben & Jerry's) not usually carry a few flavours?

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    1. re: kpzoo

      What I'd like is a chain that specializes in soft serve frozen yogurt, has several different kinds, various toppings, etc.

      I don't remember the name of the franchise I used to frequent out west.

      1. re: mainsqueeze

        Red Mango perhaps? I think it,s even better than Pinkberry.

        1. re: hungryann

          No, I don't think Red Mango existed back then.

          1. re: mainsqueeze

            I seem to remember something called Yogurty's in some mall food courts in Vancouver back in the 80s-early 90s. I had forgotten all about it! Seemed like the logo had a guy in a safari-type outfit - although it sounds kind of bizarre now! Not sure if it still exists...starting to wonder if it ever did!

      2. re: kpzoo

        Baskin Robbins has a flavorful selection of frozen yougurts, but they are all sold from tubs, just like, and with the same consistency as, regular ice cream. The Pralines & Cream is excellent, and less of a cheat than the "real" stuff if such things matter to you.

      3. They have a pink berry in kuwait, but not in Canada. Boo!

        1. Yogen-Fruz (real frozen yogurt blended with frozen fruit) is is available at "La Cremiere" outlets in Place Vertu, Fairview, and Rockland shopping centers.

          1. I'm a bit reluctant to share the info since these guys tried to spam the board a few weeks ago, it looks like there's a Pinkberry clone now open in Montreal.


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            1. re: SnackHappy

              Tried Yeh! first time last weekend during the St-Laurent Street Festival. Initial impression, I like their stuff, but I don't have much experience tasting frozen yogurt except for Yogen-Fruz stuff. Yeh! is self-serve(you choose the frozen yogurt & toppings). The price goes by weight(not too expensive).

              1. re: BLM

                How much did you pay? What flavour did you try?

                1. re: mainsqueeze

                  I had a free sample during the street fest. I thought it was pretty good, but it was the first time I'd had frozen yogurt in years, so I'm a bad judge. It was also plain -vanilla?- so a bad flavour to judge too.

                  1. re: mainsqueeze

                    I paid about $3(with 2-3 toppings). I can't remember for certain, I think I took strawberry. Other flavours included I think vanilla, green tea, mango, chocolate & raspberry.

                    1. re: BLM

                      Correct myself(my memory wasn't too good on the flavours). Was there again yesterday. The flavours at Yeh! are natural(vanilla), green tea, mango, chocolate mint(not 100% certain from memory), strawberry cheesecake, cafe, strawberry & blueberry. It cost me under $2(including tax) this time.

                      1. re: BLM

                        Is this frozen yogurt slightly tart?

                        1. re: hungryann

                          It's less tart than the Yogen Fruz type stuff. I got to taste it again, to see how tart it is.

                          1. re: BLM

                            Yeh ! opened on Ste Catherine st, near St Mathieu, it's self serve ; I tried it a few times , it's delicious, I read that it's under 30 calories an ounce which is very reasonable. You sprinkle as little or as many toppings as you like.

                            1. re: superbossmom

                              Still not sure if the Yeh! product is totally new to the Montreal market(the Yeh! people say yes)? I've tasted similar frozen yogurt product in Montreal before(recently & over the years). It's a tart tasting kind of frozen yogurt.

                              1. re: BLM

                                Yeh first opened on St-Laurent over a year ago.

                                1. re: melani1

                                  I was at Yeh! when they first opened on St-Laurent blvd(maybe the opening week). Maybe 15-16 months ago.

              2. Another Pinkberry clone just opened on Crescent. This one is called Swurl. Website says it's opening soon but twitter and facebook accounts say they're open.


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                1. re: SnackHappy

                  I would say it's a Yeh! clone, even down to the pricing structure... yeh charges 48cents an ounce, while Swurl charges 45... After visiting Yeh several times, I like their consistency and their flavors. After trying Swurl, I can say (for me at least) that there is no comparison. Yeh all the way.

                  Pinkberry (and I may be wrong here) offers 2 flavors (original and chocolate) and they have very few other (seasonal) flavors. This is what I remember from my last visit to NYC.

                  1. re: foodie_mtl

                    I went there today and I liked it. I've never tried Yeh though so I can't compare. They had about 8-10 flavours from what I remember. I got chocolate and caramel and they were both good. Lots of toppings as well.