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Jun 25, 2009 09:09 AM

Casual North End - $10-$15 entrees - Suggestions?

Looking to be in the Quincy Market area and plan to do some walking around/exploring (drop down to Chinatown for lunch probably).

Looking for the following in the area (20-30 min walk max from this Downtown Crossing area):

- dinner time (5-6 PM)
- SUNDAY (seems TONS of places are closed on Sundays?)
- $10-$15 entrees
- more casual / simple food
- no 'fine dining'.. even at bargain prices
- like mexican, italian, burgers, anything really.. nothing TOO exotic

Any suggestions? Seems most of what I find when searching is closed on Sundays! :(


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  1. silvertone, regina's, antico forno, penang and do a search for chinatown spots.

    1. Price point is a bit tough in that neighborhood. Parrish Cafe, across Boston Common and the Public Gardens from Downtown Crossing, suits your parameters other than the North End specified in the title. Phoenicia, a Middle Eastern place on Beacon Hill, might also work, depending on whether it falls into the "too exotic" category.

      (By Regina, hotoynoodle means the original Regina Pizzeria in the North End, not any of the branches -- good suggestion. Silvertone, unfortunately, is closed Sundays, as are a lot of places as you note.)

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        Kinsale is okay for Irish pub fare and further down the street is Harvard Gardens. Burger and smaller things at 75 Chestnut in Beacon Hill. I've seen ads for Davio's and Avila having some $8 bar items but not sure when those are served.

      2. The Waterfront Cafe in the North End would probably be a good fit. Here's their website I can highly recommend the pizzas, and while I hesitate to say it, I like their pizza better than Reginas. They also have good steak tips, sandwiches and chicken parm.

        1. How about Artu on Prince Street -- lamb and eggplant sandwich for small money.

          1. Dino's in the North End is casual, good food open 7 days. Counter service, large selection of huge sandwiches and many different pasta/hot dinner options.