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Jun 25, 2009 09:01 AM

Paladar Cubano

Went by Paladar Cubano at 90th and Aurora,, on my way home the other day. I had the sandwich puerco. I can't speak to how authentic everything was, but the bread had a nice texture to it, the pork was very tasty(could be slightly more tender) and the aoili was nice and garlicy. Overall a great sandwich for $6.50. I'd definitely recommend giving their other items a try.


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  1. This link is no good, I'm afraid. Is the sandwich more like a traditional pressed sandwich cubano, S. Florida style? It actually sounds like a Paseo copycat....I predicted this would happen in the "there is no x in seattle" thread, since deleted by the stasi.

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    1. re: equinoise

      Just remove the comma at the end of the link...

      It looks like a real deal cuban sandwich, not the Paseo kind...

      I think I'll give it a try soon.

      1. re: GreenYoshi

        Ropa Vieja? Tostones? Looks pretty legit. Viva la revolucion.

    2. Had the shredded pork + onions sandwich, spicy. really great! also had steamed yuca and the rice + beans. Rice + beans were more like a cumin-y fried rice, better than paseo's which I find too sweet. very tasty! Yuca was tender.

      The truck is up on blocks, so ordering is kind of funny because they're way up high.

      I kind of want another one now....

      1. While they're both called Cuban spots I wouldn't call Paladar a Paseo's copycat. From what I've read Paladar's offerings are far more authentically Cuban. I tried their Cubano sandwich today and, while it was very good, it's not the masterpiece of a sandwich they have going on at Paseo's, which may not be authentic but it's too delicious for that to matter. That said, Paladar's sandwich is good, the guys running the truck are very friendly, and the value is hard to beat.

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        1. re: bergeo

          We had Paladar yesterday and while still not quite authentic, it's pretty much the closest you'll get to Miami up here. They had everything right but the bread was still not Cuban bread. They needed a little more pork in them too. They were delicious sandwiches but my biggest complaint was that they were seriously disorganized. It took like over a 1/2 hour to get our sandwiches and when they finally came up they had forgotten one and we had to wait even longer. That's no good for street food. I will go back though because I need my Cubano fix.

          1. re: Violet Strychnine

            I generally agree with Strychnine's observations after I visited Paladar for dinner last week, although I did not have the excessive wait issue, even though there was only one person working and several customers. They have two types of bread--a sweeter one for the medianoche and one for the other sandwiches--and I can't say which is more appropriate. I thought it pretty close to the cubanos I've had in Miami, except I'd be sure to ask for no mustard next time, since they really slathered it with the French's. But the other ingredients were de rigeur and the press was legit. Also, the maguey batida was very good; I recommend trying that. Next time I'm definitely getting the Ropa Vieja. Good value overall, and more important, Paladar more or less plants the stake for real Cuban cuisine in Seattle and does so in a knowlegeable and competent way.

        2. We stopped by the truck on Friday and were quite pleased with the food. SO got a cubano (great except the sandwich wasn't heated enough so the cheese wasn't melted), and I got a pan con lechon (roast pork and onions sandwich) which was EXCELLENT. We used their hot sauce, which was really nice and spicy. We also shared fried yuca (they didn't have the yuca con mojo that I wanted, unfortunately) which came with their homemade garlic mayo (awesome). It was pretty disorganized and it took a while to get our food, but we'll definitely be back! YUM.

          1. Ok, so I'm a Cuban and I grew up in Miami eating abuela's home cuban cooking. Compared to abuela, Palada Cubano couldn't hold a candle up to her.
            I ordered the Ropa Vieja, Puerco Asado, Cuban Sandwich, Media Noche, and Croquetas. The meat with the entrees was barely lukewarm, not to mention way underportioned. I had 5 bites of meat and a plate full of moros (rice and black beans mixed together)... VERY DISAPPOINTING!!!! I was expecting the sandwiches to be longer and thicker as that is how they are made in Miami (one sandwich in Miami can weigh over a pound) however they needed more ham and more roast pork. AGAIN DISAPPOINTING!!!!
            The coffee I ordered was served cold to me... as I recall from 30 years of living in Miami the coffee is served steaming hot!!!
            There were 2 bright spots...
            #1 - The sodas Materva and Jupina have not changed their taste and were just as good as always. (they were out of Iron beer which is my favorite)
            #2 - The croquetas were DELICIOUS!!!! Honestly the best I've ever had. They were cooked perfectly and had a wonderful flavor. Croquetas are my all time favorite snack and no one in Miami can compare to these at Paladar.

            Overall the food was ok and the people were nice. Authentic cuban food? YES. Could the food have been better? ABSOLUTELY!!!!!
            I suggest to try it if you've never had cuban food, you won't know the difference, but if you ever go to Miami, you'll never eat at Paladar Cubano again.

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            1. re: pinguo777

              Thank you for reflecting credible experience (to one who doesn't know authentic Cuban food from a hole in the ground).

              1. re: mrnelso

                Is the wait for a sandwich there still interminable? Or have they improved their process?
                I think it took almost a full hour last time to get my sandwich.

                1. re: GreenYoshi

                  The process has gotten a lot better. I waited 45 minutes the first time I went. I was there the Wednesday before thanksgiving. Still quite a few people but it went a lot faster. I know at the end of the summer it seemed like there were more people working in the truck.

                  As to the Miami comment above - I grew up in orlando, spent my early adulthood in Miami then went to Denver and then Seattle. I think the truck's food is quite good, very comparable to what I ate in little Havana. And for me, the portions are huge. I usually buy a sandwich and save the second half for the next day.

                  I agree with the comment on the croquettes. Very good! :) I like this little truck and the people there.