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Jun 25, 2009 08:49 AM

Lobsters At WR Roche Bros

Has anyone bought lobsters at the WR Roche Bros ? Wondering about the Quality and freshenss of these bugs. Any other suggestions for Lobster in the area is appreciated as well.

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  1. dont' know whats close to you but the hands-down best lobsters i've had are from captain mardens in wellesley, call ahead and they steam them for you and they do it perfectly. last week they were 5.99 a pound.

    1. I bought some from there last Saturday AM. They were just unpacking the crate so I managed to get some seaweed as well. The lobsters were delicious. I tend to restrict buying them from Roche Bros. when they are on sale as the turnover seems to be faster. Generally, I go to Hooks on the Boston Waterfront - fresh and good prices.

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        Thanks for the advice. I live in Roslindale but work in Watertown. Any places close by to watertown ?

        1. re: ScoobieSnack

          Try Alive and Kicking at 269 Putnam Ave in Cambridge-- right off River Street near the Whole Foods.

      2. I bought a small lobster from there a few weeks ago and it was tasty and relatively lively. I have bought lobsters from there in the past which were fine, and on one occasion, had a larger lobster die on the way home. Granted, that when they were more expensive. I think now, they are a fair bet. Just ask for a lively one and cook it within a few hours,