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Jun 25, 2009 08:42 AM

Looking for a sausage stuffer...

My home operation has outgrown the KitchenAid sausage stuffing's actually not a good piece of equipment (although the meat grinder is perfectly fine).

Does anyone know where I can pick up a better piece of equipment? I called Nella cutlery, and the home use one is $240. advertises a vertical stuffer (5lb capacity) for $185, which looks like what I'm after. Called Caynes and they don't have it.

Can anyone offer any suggestions?

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  1. Cabelas usually carries several models.

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    1. re: Fritter

      Thanks Fritter...I found one on their website that looks like what I'm after. I'll have to go in to take a closer look.

    2. Strangely Princess Auto carries stuffers in their Whitby store. Not sure about other locations, but they do have an online store. It's called the 'Power Fist'.

      I use a chef's choice grinder / stuffer combo, really nice unit. I have to take the KitchenAid out of the room when I use it... The KA has envy and insecurity issues.


      1. I've seen them before in SASmart near Augusta and Baldwin. A little over $100 IIRC.

        1. Isn't there a place on King and spadina that sells similar things?

          1. grandgourmand, I've been looking for a 5lb vertical stuffer for quite a while. They are supposed to be a breeze to use. The cheapest place I've seen them is at Northern Tool & Equipment out of the USA, the shipping charge has always seemed a little steep, Plus it's through UPS and we'll get raped on duty and brokerage.


            LEM makes a similar product that's available at Bass Pro Shops in the USA, but I've not seen them at Bass Pro up here.


   in BC has a similar version, you've seen this one though.


            The Sausage Maker in Buffalo has another version but it's pretty steep (and out of stock right now). The only good thing buying from them is there's no duty or brokerage to Canada.


            legourmetty, thanks for the tip! This is exactly what I'm looking for! Decent price as well....


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            1. re: Dr Butcher

              That is a good price from princess auto...however, in doing my research yesterday (slow day at work)...I did come across the one from Northern Tool & Equipment and the LEM at Bass Pro Shops.

              Big difference in price (availability is another matter), and the main reason for that is the all metal construction for the LEM vs. the plastic parts on the Northern Tool one. BOth got a lot of good reviews, but the Northern tool had a few really bad ones mainly because of (plastic) gear stripping, from the sounds of it, rendered the thing useless.

              Long story short, if you get this princess auto one, check for all-metal construction.

              thanks, legourmettv for the tip. thanks dr butcher, for the link...I'll call them see if they can tell me if it's all metal. Will post if I find out. It it is, this one seems like the best one to buy.

              1. re: grandgourmand

                I just called princess auto...the one they're selling has plastic gears. I think I'd rather spend the extra money and get a more solid one.