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Jun 25, 2009 08:29 AM

Best Cuban food in New Orleans area?

I was just wondering where can I find good cuban food. They have Churro's in Metairie, and the one on Loyola in Kenner. These are pretty good. Are there any in New Orleans?

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  1. Country Flame and Liborio are both good.

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    1. re: edible complex

      EC, what should I order at Country Flame? I've tried it several times in the past, but not recently as I never thought it was any good. But the menu has many options, so maybe I'm ordering wrong?

      1. re: uptownlibrarian

        we always got the fajiatas, tacos, and enchiladas w/green sauce. I could drink that green chile from the bottle.
        our office would go for lunch on Fridays and order a lot of different things to share. we also had our share of margaritas, so maybe that's why the fond memories. yeah, it's a hole, but I like my hispanic food in small, authentic places.
        you should also try Felipe's on N. Peters. love the melting pot of queso w/chorizo, shrimp or al pastor quesadillas, steak taco salad, fish tacos, pork tamales. I know it's Mexican and this thread is about Cuban, but Felipe's is another good Fr. Qtr. option to Country Flame, if the Flame has burned out for you.

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          Oh, Felipe's! My coworkers and I eat around the corner from our office at Felipe's at least once a week, and often multiple times. After trying everything on the menu, we settled on the carnitas quesadilla (with guacamole, $5.49) as best tasting and valued item in the house, and now we rarely stray from that order. However, last weekend a really good fish quesadilla challenged the supremacy of the carnitas. I find the FQ location to be much better than the Calhoun one, for some reason. My only complaint about the FQ location is that once they opened they efficiently put Jazz Tacos out of business (making way for Green Goddess of course, but still...)

          I don't mind Country Flame's hole-ness, I just didn't in three trips have anything that was very good. I'll give it another shot though, if I can drag myself away from Felipe's, and risk the ire of my colleagues if it doesn't stack up.

          1. re: uptownlibrarian

            Dear readers, Felipe's is a Mexican Taqueria, and does not serve Cuban food. It is fairly good for fast food Mexican.

            1. re: hodgsond

              Dear hodgsond, we are aware of that, allow me to quote EC "I know it's Mexican and this thread is about Cuban..."

          2. re: edible complex

            >fajiatas … tacos … enchiladas w/green sauce … margaritas<

            fajitas = not Cuban
            tacos = not Cuban
            enchiladas = not Cuban
            salsa verde = not Cuban
            margaritas = not Cuban

        2. re: edible complex

          I have not been to Liborio in ages, since my Cuban college roommate was back in town a zillion years ago. He got great treatement and everything was fine. lad to hear it is still good. We used to get the elephant ear steak.

        3. I'm interested to hear what other have to say about Liborio. I went a few times last summer, and while the food tasted good, I thought the small portions did not correspond to the prices. Most of the entrees are pushing $20 for not much food on the plate. Maybe 4-6 oz of ropa vieja, small sides of rice and black beans, and 2 or 3 slices of fried plantains for around $15. (FYI - The menu prices on Yelp are not correct.)

          I've also heard from some of the Hispanic dishwashers in the Quarter that Mena's makes a good Cuban steak. I don't have much experience with Cuban food, so I appreciate everyone's imput.

          Liborio's Cuban Restaurant
          321 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70130

          1. Disagree about Liborio. I think it's just ok. Not worth going there in my opinion. Latin Corner in Morgan City is good though.

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            1. re: N.O.Food

              Morgan City? Really?

              This bears investigation...many thanks.

              Asa I noted I have not been to Lilboria (or El Liborio as we used to say) in years and it is my own fault.

            2. It was once Chapenlandia on Magazine St. Though they were basically a Guatamalan restaurant, they did great Cuban. Now, this was not Miama, or Tampa Cuban, but Havana Cuban. I'm sure that they are long gone - sorry.


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              1. re: Bill Hunt

                My God..I forgot all about that place..we went their when it was still BYOB. Thanks for that memory jog.