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Jun 25, 2009 07:40 AM

Taco Cabana in DC?

Any misplaced Texas will know of what I speak. I saw on the internet that one was located at 13507 Clopper Rd in Gaithersburg (ok, not exactly DC). I emailed the company and they couldn't confirm or deny it (very DC). The phone # listed on google rings and rings if lucky you'll get a no speak the English answer. If any one is in the NW MoCo area willing to check this out and report back? It's a bit far from Balto to go on a goose chase, but worth the drive if it's true. It'll be a pink bldng tht says: The Original Patio Cafe. Xclnt mexi food, beer and ritas.

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  1. OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! When I saw the title of this post i gasped so loud my coworkers all looked at me funny. PLEASE SOMEBODY FIND OUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!

    1. Germantown not gaithersburg, my bad

      1. dude. i have been calling them all day and all night. finally this morning someone picked up and i said "is this taco cabana?" AND THEY HUNG UP ON ME! this is so weird. what is happening!

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        1. re: littlew1ng

          i'm not sure. i did some google searching and found that moco liquor board gave an establishment named 'taco cabana' a liscence at the 13507 clopper rd address. I may just have to drive out myself; but I'm north of balto

          1. re: littlew1ng

            It's probably the wrong number and they're getting tired of people calling and asking about Taco Cabana.

            OK, who's gonna take one for the team and drive out there to see what's at the location? The satellite photo on Google Maps looks kind of like a shopping center or an industrial part and lists both Taco Cabana and a veterinarian at that address. Maybe it's a parrot that's answering the phone.

          2. According to their website, there's not one with in 250 miles of this area

            1. Must just be a business with the same name.

              According to the website of the corporate parent of Taco Cabana, , Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico are the only states that have a Taco Cabana.

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              1. re: DanielK

                Taco Cabana? I've been to them many times in the past, in fact I'm in Albuquerque on Sunday followed by a driving trip through much of Texas. Excepting breakfast I can't imagine wasting a single calorie at any of them. For all of the good Tex Mex food around Taco Cabana has nothing to do with food, it's all about growing up with a familiar "taste." I could understand Papasito's or Uncle Julio's (which are all over the D. C. area) but Taco Cabana?

                1. re: Joe H

                  joe h — taco c has a special place in my heart after drunken 2 a.m. college visits. trust me, it's not in my top ten of favorite tex-mex places, but the idea of having something familiar that hails from home in the DC area just makes me really happy.

                  as for pappasitos — is there really one in this area? i was not at all impressed with my visit to uncle julio's.

                  1. re: littlew1ng

                    Atlanta and Chicago are the closest Pappasito's.

                    1. re: littlew1ng

                      I have a soft spot in my heart for Taco Cabana, as well. There was nothing better than fresh tortillas and queso after a night out in College Station! I've had Uncle Julio's here (Gaithersburg) and in Ft. Worth, and I have to say the quality was better in TX, but that was 10 years ago. It's closer than others, though. I miss real Tex-Mex!

                    2. re: Joe H

                      Had it been true, it would by the far the best tex-mex in DC metro. Is it the best in San Antonio, probably not. But all-u-can eat pancakes at 4 am, regularly buying margaritas at 16, nothing to do at in the middle of the day go and grab a damn good fajita and beer; that's what TC is.

                      1. re: Joe H

                        you nailed it. Us East Coast graduates of Trinity University have fond memories of B&C tacos at 2:30am after marathon study sessions, or drunken munchie attacks. For those of us who went to San Antonio as east coasters, TC was our first contact with this genre of cuisine. Is it the best that town has to offer? Hell no. Does it beat the absolute crap out of any other fast food like McDonald's and Jack in the Box? yes indeed.

                        1. re: pleiades

                          I think a lot of you have a home town loyalty that has nothing to do with good food. I ate lunch at Taco Cabana in Albuquerque on Monday afternoon and it was another huge disappointment. With a half dozen meals at a half dozen different Taco Cabanas all over Texas and New Mexico I now officially give up on it.

                          On Monday night it was a different situation: Kiki's in El Paso is an absolutely fantastic Mexican dump with incredible chili colorado, caldo de res, machaca, green chili crab enchiladas-I can go on about how good this place is! The next day we found ourselves at L & J Cafe which essentially is a biker bar across from a cemetary. In truth it is an El Paso landmark that dates to the late '20's. Both places have been written up in Savuer, Texas Monthly (top ten Mexican in the state) and numerous other places. They are outstanding. FAR SUPERIOR to anything in the D. C. area. There is nothing here than can even touch them. (I am now officially obsessed with chili colorado...and caldo de res...)

                          But Taco Cabana? Really?

                          In truth it is extremely difficult-even in Texas-to find food as good as what I had at Kiki's and L and J. I've eaten my way through Texas for 30 years and much of it has really changed over that time. In the early '80's there were a number of places in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio that were excellent. Today, much of it is no better than what you can find here.

                          On the same topic bbq like you find at Cooper's in Llano, the Central Market in Luling, Louie Mueller's or Smitty's in Lockhart is rapidly disappearing around the state. Many people no longer will make the commitment to tend a pit all night or stab brisket off of a pit in a smoke filled room. This was a conversation I had with friends in Amarillo and Oklahoma City on Tuesday and Wednesday. In fact a close friend in Edmund told me that great Mexican essentially no longer exists in Oklahoma City.

                          1. re: Joe H

                            that surprises me as in recent visits the Mexican and Salvadoreno fare has been getting much better in STL and other areas (though to be fair couldn't get much worse than it used to be, in fact it was hard to find a mom n pop joint at all 12 years ago)

                            given the numbers of people from the region, it is sort of confounding why it's hard to find great stuff around here in abundance.

                            1. re: Joe H

                              joe — you can compare texas in the 1980s to texas now if you like. but to say that the southern/mexican food here is as good as the southern/mexican food is in texas just seems ludicrous. i'd like you to prove me wrong. tell me where to go to find a great chicken fried steak like george's, shady grove or even luby's, smokey barbecue that's as good as the salt lick or even rudy's, good tex-mex enchiladas in the D.C. area that can compare to the chips, queso, enchiladas, etc. at ninfa's, pappasitos, los cucos or guadalajara.

                              1. re: Joe H

                                I think you're missing the point a little.

                                TC is not a foodie spot. It is not a destination. You're driving around [insert major TX metropolitan center here] doing a million errands, you get hungry, you have a fiver in your pocket.....there's going to be one near you. And you will eat far better than McD, Crap-in-the-Box, WaterBurger, etc.