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Jun 25, 2009 07:14 AM

Good restaurants near Gordes (in Provence)? Also, Cévennes/Lozere Eating Recommendations?

Hello Chowhounders. My boyfriend and I (I'm American; he's French) are traveling a bit in Provence and the Cévennes starting around July 9. In Provence, we will be staying at the Mas du Loriot, not far from the village of Gordes. We'd like to have a nice place for lunch and dinner lined up, and are looking for something special or unique; local produce and regional cuisine, regional wines. Does anyone have any recommendations for lovely restaurants (or farmhouses?) to eat at in the area?

Also, we'll be staying in a couple of (albeit, modest) places in the Cévennes: Le Régordane in Prévencheres and the Auberge de Moulin in Ste. Énimie, which looks like a sweet little town. We've been reading about farms or other places where you can stop by to have lunch, but I can't seem to find any places listed near where we'll be. We'll be driving and hiking about a lot, so any Cévennes eating recommendations are quite welcome!

Many thanks in advance!

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  1. Mas de Herbs Blanche in Joucas. about 10 minutes drive from gordes

    run don't walk. the views are to die for, with sophisticated modern provencal food.

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      Wow. That place looks Amazing! Thank you so much.

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        you're welcome.

        book in advance, go for lunch, and request a table on the terrasse.

    2. Hi. You should try La Bastide de Gordes or Les Bories. They are great restaurants. La Bastide de Capelongue and Le Moulin de Lourmarin are also phenomenal restaurant .
      Good Luck!!!

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        I second wineman13, although based on old experiences: several years ago I enjoyed dinner once at Les Bories, and twice at Le Moulin de Lourmarin when it was still chef Edouard Loubet's flagship (i.e. before he opened La Bastide de Capelongue). Lourmarin, with its crisp, unusual herbal accents, was more memorable than Bories.

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          I recommend L'Arome in Bonnieux. Wonderful restaurant in a breathtakingly beautiful town.

      2. It may be too far south for you, but there's a lovely restaurant just outside Le Vigan, on the southern edge of the Cevennes. It's the Auberge Les Quatre Saisons, and is in a hamlet called Breau.


        Check opening times and book in advance though - we went once and found them closed, even though they were supposed to be open. We spoke to someone at the reception desk for the hotel, they asked us to come back in half an hour and ran off to fetch the chef! We had a great meal. You should be safer in July though - I think we went off season.

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          I recommend Le Mas Tourteron, just outside Gordes. We had a lovely meal in the garden a few summers ago. My family still talks about the cornucopia of desserts -- a long buffet-style table laden with an endless array of delicious items. When my son (then 10 or 11) had a hard time deciding what to try, the server suggested he have one of everything! They loaded him up with four or five plates, and he was smiling for days...

        2. It's been a while since we were there, but we had wonderful lunches at both Le Mas Tourteron and Mas des Herbes Blanches. We did not have reservations but had no problem getting in, though if you know your itinerary in advance it would be a good idea to reserve. We were lucky to get the last available table on the terrace at Herbes Blanches.