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Jun 25, 2009 05:36 AM

West Island Farmer's Market

Hi, I recently moved from central Montreal to Pierrefonds. Although I was about 10km away from Jean Talon market I still managed to get there every weekend (even in the winter) for the past 7 years. Now the drive has more than doubled so I don't see a weekly visit being as feasible anymore.

My question is, are there any good fruit/vegetable stores, or farmer's market type stands in the west island?

Marche de l'ouest seems to have set up a temporary stand for the summer but I was there last week and was not impressed with the quality, frutierie 440 on Sources seems to sell produce from last season, Adonis is subpar on quality as well.

Is there anything else?

Thanks in advance for the feedback.

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  1. Anyone from the west island?

    1. U R out of luck! there don't seem to be any store in the West island to come up to yr standards. Guess the Jean Talon market is still yr best bet.!

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      1. re: the taipan

        I guess the trek to JTM is in order. Thanks.

      2. I too am an avowed afficianado of JTM (all the way from Beaconsfield). There is a small farmer's market in Ste. Anne de Bellevue every Sat. AM in the summer - it's right on the boardwalk. Expensive but I suppose if you figure in the price of gas to JTM....

        1. While Adonis might not have the variety of JTM, I actually find that the quality of their fruits and vegetables is usually quite good, and markedly cheaper than what you'll find at most grocery stores. It's still my main go-to spot for a variety of products when driving to JTM on the infernal 40 is too much of a nuisance. If you haven't been yet you should also check out Marché Akhavan on Pierrefonds Blvd. between St. Charles and St. Jean, and the IGA on Don Quichotte on Ile Perrot; the former has a variety of interesting imported foods (and cheap good-quality olive oil and olives) while the latter has a wider variety of meats (bison, etc.) and cheese than you'll get at most other supermarkets. Plus, gas is generally cheaper off-island, so you can fill up while you're there.

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