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Jun 25, 2009 05:34 AM

Decent Lamb Chops- not to break the bank-NAtick

My daughter is leaving for a 16 day camping trip on sunday. We are dropping her off at the home depot in Natick. For her "last meal" she wants to have lamb chops! She is 13 and does not know the difference between good and excellent food. She does know lousy, faty lamb is unappealing, though. Should we find a good diner ? Leg of lamb is not what she wants- we usually get a nice rack of lamb at home and throw it on the grill. Sometimes, indian restaurants have good lamb chops but some times the seasoning is overkill for her. Any thoughts?

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  1. If you don't mind going to a chain restaurant......if there is an Outback Steakhouse near you, they have a full rack of lamb on their menu for around $20. That's easily 40-50% less than many finer restaurants will charge. If you go online, you can find a location and view the local menu.

    1. The Aegean is very close. Some things can be very good and others OK. Portions are huge . Sichuan Gourmet has some lamb, not chops,,
      There is a Bollywood and Minerva Indian nearby too.

      1. second Aegean for the lamb chops (lamb rib appetizer is amazing value) though not as a place in general. It is also across the street from a Home Depot.

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          Actually across and up the street from Lowe's. A mile or so from Home Depot. Can't vouch for the Aegean's food, I was underwhelmed on two visits and have not been back.
          How about one of the Brazilian places along rt 9 or in Framingham Center?

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            i just overeat at those places and all of the meat kills me (i have no control) I figure at aegean i can get something other than meat and she can "lamb it up". I don't care if the food is underwhelming. My husband and I are doing sushi lunch the next day. any recs for that. We're going back to ny after sushi so i want to keep sushi in that direction.

            1. re: yeshana

              Oga's on Route 9 (westbound side) in Natick has absolutely outstanding high-end sushi, some of the best around. Can't recommend them enough. If you are looking for value sushi that is also available at Minado in the Sherwood Plaza, Route 9 eastbound, Natick.

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              Oops, my bad. I was referring to the Aegean in Watertown across the street from Home Depot (on Arsenal). I haven;t been to Aegean in Natick.

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              Thanks. we went to agean and it was quite awful! pita was dry and stale and their other bread was the lowest quality. I love bread and the complimentary fet/oilive oil looked amazing but that bread was inedible! my daughter ordered the most expensive rack of lamb that they had as recommended by the waiter. out came a cold, tasteless rack f lamb with the fat turned white from being cold! stringbeans were from another day or week and then smushed onto her plate almost as decor! really disgusting but my Martini was wonderful! Ate like a pig the next day at monado sushi(sp) decent sushi and other menu items unlimited- really great for the price!