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Jun 25, 2009 04:55 AM

Sending 1st timers - what do you think?

Bunch of friends headed down for a hot, sticky Jluy 4th.....My only other advice was to explore the city - get out of the quarter!

Commanders Palace
Court of 2 Sisters
Cafe Du Monde

Lunch - go to places that are more local/hole in the wall that you don't need a res for - coop's, central grocery for a muffalatta, liuzza's by the track, mandina's

Cochon (could also do for lunch)
Dick and Jenny's

Nightlife- the Rock-n-bowl, Club (Miss Mae's on Magazine Street) F & M PAtio Bar, Maple Leaf Bar, One Eyed Jack's, Cooter Brown's, dba, Spotted cat or Snake and Jake

For upscale cocktails, Bar Uncommon, CURE Nola, Columns Hotel, Carousel Bar, for atmosphere ONLY - one hurricane at Pat O Brien's!

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  1. July 4 is Essence Fest. weekend . FQ will be packed. Skip Brennans, Stanley.and Jacques. Commanders is best for lunch (m-f ) in the garden room. BTW, our better rest. are far easier to get into for lunch, most times without a resv. Many offer specials so you'll dine better for about what you'd pay at a hole in the wall like Coops (which IMO has lousy food).

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      When I was there last week on a Tues the garden room was closed but it didn't matter. Had the best time anyway. Here's a tip: Get there early and don't let them rush you to your table. Go to the bar for a drink first. a) It has a nice view of the courtyard b) you get to walk through the kitchen to get to it c) the bartender is awesome and will tell you all sorts of cool stuff (don't forget to tip her!) d) you can get a more flavorful, colorful drink than you might get with food.

    2. Your best bet is to stay Uptown for dining if at all possible. Consider Camellia Grill for breakfast, or Elizabeth's, although not Uptown is great. For lunch, try Mandina's, Liuzza's by the Track, Parkway Bakery, Commander's Palace, Ye Olde College Inn, Cooter Browns, and dinner Brigtsens, Vizards, Dick and Jenny's and while I like JI, the chicken was been sub-par as of late. You have a lot of good choices, but being that it is a busy weekend, the Quarter will be PACKED, and HOT! I love all of your bar choices as well, but also consider a cocktail at the new/old Sazerac Bar at the Roosevelt Hotel, which I am certain will be packed as well.

      1. If it were me I'd skip Miss Mae's.

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        1. re: mrsfury

          Seriously? The Club (Miss Mae's)is an absolute institution in NOLA. Try to get there late (i.e. after 1:00 or so for the peak "entertainment factor". Same goes for Snake and Jake's and F & M. Fabulous late night bars for the adventurous soul.

          1. re: ScarlettNola

            Pay no attention to me I'm getting old. ;) Last time I went I found it particularly dirty. I guess I had not had enough to drink.

            1. re: mrsfury

              That's why you have to go LATE when your whiskey googles really come on, because at 4 .am. everything/everyone is beautiful. : )

            2. re: ScarlettNola

              I agree! It's a "gotta see it to believe it" type place. LOL

              1. re: nikinik

                Too bad the original Ms Mae's is no longer, now that was a sight to behold.

                1. re: roro1831

                  A-men, across from the Friendly House by the bus barn...used to be a picture of my gang on the wall way up top..

                  I'd lose Court of Two Sisters on the original lsit.

                  1. re: hazelhurst

                    I second losing Court of Two Sisters.

                    1. re: ScarlettNola

                      I'm a third for no Court of Two Sisters. It's soooo not worth it.

                  2. re: roro1831

                    A fourth "ix-nay" on the Court Of Two Sisters.

                    If your friends are in the city on a weekend and want to try a jazz brunch, Commander's is a good choice.

                    The Spotted Cat (Frenchmen Street) has been replaced by a new music club called Jimbeaux's.

                    Snake and Jake hits its stride after hours, so warn your friends that if they show up before midnight, they're likely to have the bar to themselves.

                    Overall, I think your list is great!

            3. Breakfast/Brunch - I'd avoid Court of Two Sisters and Brennans, not only are they in the FQ which will be a madhouse that weekend, but also they are overrated and overpriced. Brunch at Elizabeth's is a great excuse to get down to the Bywater and it's charming with great food. If you're going to be Uptown on Sunday, check out Dante's Kitchen for brunch.

              Dinner - Jacques Imos has lost its charm and quality of food a lot in recent years, I'd avoid it. Dick & Jenny's is closed 4th of July week, so that's out too.

              1. Avoid Court of 2 Sisters like the plague....IMHO.

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                1. re: FoodChic

                  Am I the only person who think The Columns is not worth it anymore? We went to welcome cocktails for a wedding we went to a couple of months ago there and it was just meh. It was packed {of course} with college age kids it seemed and it was raining to make things worse. We were all stuff inside or under the cover of the porch. So I'm sure that half of it was that, but the drinks were very poorly made.

                  1. re: KateMW

                    I was last there with my parents over the Christmas holiday in 2007. We had a nightcap there (Grand Marnier for all!) so that would be hard to screw up. I did notice quite a few college kids there, but we took our cocktails to the back parlor and shut the door, so we really were not part of the bar at that point. I may have to check it out next month and let you know my thoughts.