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Jun 25, 2009 04:47 AM

Best Fried Clams- Dennis Port to Chatham?

Going to a wedding this weekend in E Harwich. Wondering what the best spot is for fried clams (and hopefully fried scallops for the hubs) these days. Anywhere between Dennis Port and Chatham. Did a search on the board, but not finding much input in this area. Is Clancy's the place? Tips on Lobster rolls also appreciated!


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  1. The Weatherdeck in West Harwich on 28 is my favorite. Other possibilities are the Kreme and Kone in either West Dennis or Chatam.
    The best lobster roll is the Weatherdeck. Lots of meat hardly any mayo. Brax's in Harwichport has a good roll, too. You can sit out on the deck and look at the water. They also have a killer Sunday brunch. Make sure you sit outside.

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      Love the outside. Thanks for that tip. Brax sounds exactly what I want for a lob roll.

      1. re: malibu

        Weatherdeck is okay, about the same as Kreme 'n Kone in Dennisport. Neither really worth a stop, personally. For a terrific clam plate, go up 28 a bit to West Dennis and go to Marathon Seafood. BTW, the two Kreme 'n Kone locattions have different owners. Most report that Chatham is spotty quality at best.

        Brax Landing! Most locals in the know put it amoung the top of their "places to avoid" list. A tourist rip at best. The view is okay, but the food cab border on criminal. Try Impudent Oyster or even the Squire in Chatham for far better fare.

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          Oh no! iI don't want tourist. I'm not from the Cape but I'm from nh/maine seacoast, so I know my lobster rolls. Thank you!

          1. re: malibu

            I would agree to stay away from Brax if you want the good stuff. Their monster sized lobster roll is pretty good however but a bit pricey at over $20. The Squire is a great spot if you want to have a meal at a more substantial restaurant or sit at the bar to have a beer with your food. If you want "dining in the rough" stick with The Weatherdeck or The Original Seafood Restaurant in Dennisport (this is the old Kreme n Kone). I would encourage you, however, to go a bit out of your way and have a BOWL of chowder and a burger at Captain Parkers in Yarmouth.....unreal, thick chowder!!!

            1. re: bobbybiscuits

              Original Seafood Restaurant is nothing special and not nearly the best "dining in the rough" locale in the Mid-Cape. Stick with Marathon if you want the best clams on the south side. Go to Cooke's in Hyannis if you want the best clams period.

              I would encourage you to avoid Captain Parkers at all costs, especially for their over-thickened, flour tasting glop with a hint of clam. You'll find better chowder just about anywhere else.

              1. re: CapeCodGuy

                I guess all the voters have had it wrong for the last decade when judging Captain Parker's chowder, eh? I know some think it is too thick but by no means is it lacking in real clammy, chowder flavor. As far as Marathon, its okay when everyone else is closed cuz they do stay open late. I agree that Cooks is close to the best but it was way out of Malibu's area.

                1. re: bobbybiscuits

                  Voters? I assume you're talking about the few chowder fests they've won. To me, what a restaurant presents to a thousand or so people in a hundred plus gallon batch of chowder has little to do with the type of product they put up on a nightly basis. Capt. Parker's is a good example of this. Flour has no place in a quality chowder. The Captain puts out a super thick, floury-based chowder. "Nuff said.

                  I only mentioned Cooke's as I thought the OP might be willing to travel the 15-20 minutes to go 'way out of her way' for far superior product.

                  1. re: CapeCodGuy


                    Right on the mark regarding Capt Parkers chowder.

                    After they "won" an award for best chowder four years ago, wife & I tried their chowder. Never finished either cup. I just don't get it. We drove by there last night and the place was packed! Those "awards " must be working.

                2. re: CapeCodGuy

                  I couldn't agree more about Captain Parker's chowder, wallpaper paste with lumps, somebody who loves it described it as having a hint of Thanksgiving taste, I suppose sage. That doesn't belong in chowder! I am always amazed at the crowds there. But I do want to defend Brax, it's a perfect place to sit at the bar, enjoy the veiw and have a fish sandwich, always very fresh and well prepared, or their wonderful and generous lobster roll.

      2. i always order the same thing at brax. i do not know about other items served there but the lobster roll is outstanding and huge and the accompanying fries are very good. nice deck in back overlooking the water.

        1. Thanks for all your help and pointing me in the right direction guys.

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            I agree..avoid Brax aside from a drink with views...I had fried shrimp at Kreme and Kone and might not go back. It did not taste right and I did not feel well after. I am not suggesting it was "bad" but something was off either me or the food. I love Sesuit Cafe for views and Lobster roll.

          2. Reporting back. We ended up at Brax for a lobster roll because the groom suggested it one night. I was happy it was on my list, so we went. The view and deck were really nice for drinks and socializing. The lobster roll, while PACKED with meat, which was fresh, wasn't really my style. Mostly because of the 'sub-roll' bun. Way too much bread. I just ended up eating the meat out of it. We also had steamers which were pretty good, but I had issues with the melted butter, if it was butter. It tasted like margarine to me. Is it possible they would serve that? Anyway, it turned me off. Also, yes... the place was PACKED.

            We were short on time, too many wedding events, but the Weatherdeck was nearby and not packed at all- so we stopped in for a mini-golf and I got my fried clams. I was really happy with my fried clams. They were exactly what I was after and I would go back. Friends had the lobster roll, and it looked pretty good except I don't like that you have to mix in your own mayo.

            Extra 2 cents: Had rehearsal dinner at Swan River for a 'clam bake'. Boiled lobster was good. Clams, mussels and everything else was seriously bad (way over cooked/chewy). Corn was disgusting.

            Thanks for everyones opinions. I will definitely refer back to this for my end of summer Cape trip.