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Jun 25, 2009 04:43 AM

beer festival -- purcellville, va. -- july 16

trolling around on the web, i happened upon this special event to take place july 16, 2009, at "magnolias at the mill" in purcellville. it looks like a great location, and there will be 45 beers from 15 different breweries.
here's some more info:

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  1. Sounds interesting but the website says the $35 admission only covers 5 tastes. That's a little steep, I think.

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    1. re: reiflame

      i wondered how large the "tastes" were, too, for tthe money. it does include bbq, too; but still, i understand your point. i could eat a lot of q for that dough.

    2. Sounds interesting. So its at the restaurant itself? Im assuming you get five "free" drink tickets with admission and you have to pay for the rest.

      Speaking of beer festivals in Leesburg, they are having the Northern Virginia Brewfest at Morven Park this weekend: Usually a pretty good time. Bands food and about 60 breweries.