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Jun 24, 2009 11:41 PM

Highway 1 south of Pismo on the mesa....

We took this route back down from Los Osos the other day for a change. I was half asleep, but saw a red shack with the words BBQ on it... and it was way before Guadalupe really, more up on the mesa - anyone know what I'm talking about?? And no, it wasn't Far Western Tavern, we did drive by that in Guadalupe. I just barely saw the shack and sign out of the corner of my eye. Red Oak BBQ.

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  1. The Rusty Pig, outside of Arroyo Grande?

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    1. Forget the BBQ when you are on this Highway One route south of Pismo and head straight to to La Simpatia in Guadalupe for the best chilie rellenos in the South Coast - worth a special trip. Thanks, chowhounders for this great tip.

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        I am starting to plan a quick trip up the coast for July and am wondering how the huevos rancheros are at La Simpatia; will probably be passing through Guadalupe a bit too early for chiles rellenos (unless they are willing to serve me them at around ten am :-))

        La Simpatia Cafe
        827 Guadalupe St, Guadalupe, CA 93434

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          This is a home run cafe with the lovely lady running it behind the grill and I bet she will fix whatever you want -- and trust me, you want the chili rellenos ...... they are kind of right for breakfast really, since they are egg batter based and the chilis are mild and the sauce very soothing. Plus 10am is dinner time somewhere in the world. Road trips are not for rules.

          And you may want to check out the wonderful boardwalk hike at Oso Flaco Lake right off Highway One north of Guadalupe - there is a small admission charge since this is a national run nature area - Los Padres National Forest I think. That takes about an hour to do it justice and to walk out and back to the ocean dunes, but even a half-way meander to the lake on the boardwalk is pretty pleasant.