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Jun 24, 2009 11:30 PM

Thai Nakorn Garden Grove

Re-opening when?? Haven't been by in a while (haven't gone to Costco lately). I haven't seen it on the food radar but figure someone in the know (DU? Elmo?) would have the scoop. Also, drove by Bangkok Taste a few weeks ago on the way to a little league field and it looked closed?? Hopefully just a normal closed day.

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  1. As of last week, the owner stated that they were still having problems with the Garden Grove Building week they approve something, the next week they want major changes on the same item...Their goal is now the middle of July...we will see!

    1. What TravelPath said. You'll know they're serious when the Johnny-on-the-spot gets removed from the front of the building. They're really close though.

      In New Jersey it'd be a case of forgetting to schmear the inspectors, but I suspect things are a bit more aboveboard here.

      I'll be there with bells on as soon as I see them open, though!!

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      1. re: Das Ubergeek

        I just asked them and they said maybe in a month or two -- but the sign is lit up, the tables are in, the chairs are in, the Johnny-on-the-spot is gone, and the fence is down.

        Dear City of Garden Grove: you are keeping me from the Thai food I love. Quit messing around and let these people open already, you corrupt ninnies!

      2. What TravelPath said is the most concrete info I've heard yet. Thanks TravelPath!

        I also will be there with bells when this thing busts open.

        1. Thanks guys for all the tips... I can't wait!

          1. We had dinner last night at the Stanton location and had a long talk with the owner...they are pulling their hair out with Garden Grove's permit process...they are dealing with conflicting information coming from the same inspectors...yesterday they were told by SoCal Edison that there were new reg in place and had to do more work...when their engineering firm confronted SoCal Edison and Garden Grove inspectors, they were told it was a new regulation that had not been published yet...but it was retroactive and will cost 1000s of dollars to comply with...the joys of new construction...Sigh! Thai Nakorn was ready to open several months ago and had hired new employees and has been paying them even though they are not working!

            Begin Rant...The owners mortgaged their own homes to the limit to help pay for rebuilding...and as she indicated...if she knew the problems that the City of Garden Grove would cause, they would not have rebuilt there...if at all! (I would comment here about the inspection process of cities like Garden Grove...but the language I feel I would have to use is not for family audiences!...and this is from my own personal experiences as well as theirs!!) I am afraid government is not trying to be too friendly to small business...for example, in the design of the parking lot a certain number of spaces for handicapped parking is required...they installed the parking area but the city wanted a wall moved three was but it took less then three inches away from one of the parking spaces...the permit was withheld and it will cost them a pretty penny to fix wonder businesses are leaving California in droves...End Rant!

            Anyways, the dinner was excellent as usual...pad thai, nam sod, BBQ catfish (my fav), panang cream...all so good! As usual, the staff all thanked us...a few hugs as well...and the owner said she appreciates our continued support...especially in these hard times.

            The good news...the electricity is on in the new place and they hope to be open in a few weeks...but you don't have to wait for the new location...they deserve our support now!!

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              Update...We had dinner at the Stanton location last night and spoke to the owner...the city is still dragging its feet but there is some light at the end of the tunnel...they have a another health department inspection in a few days and the building inspectors are scheduled as well. They are keeping their fingers crossed that they will get the green light in the next couple of weeks! I hope so...these are nice people!!