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Jun 24, 2009 10:48 PM

3 best farmer's markets in Manhattan?

Greetings friends. I would love to hear people's top 3 farmer's markets in Manhattan, besides the one at Union Square. And while you're at it, 3 of the best from the other boroughs.

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  1. I am a big fan of the W. 97th Street greenmarket. It's the biggest and most diverse of the 5 on the UWS and I like talking to the farmers (even visited two of the farms upstate). It's on Fridays, year round, though the number of farmers dwindles during the winter.

    I am looking forward to the new market that begins in July on Madison and 97th (Mt. Sinai) since it'll just be a short trip across town for me.

    I also like the 66th Street (UWS) market even though it's really small. There's a good vendor there with strawberries. There used to be a good market in Liberty Plaza downtown but I haven't been down there a lot lately to know if it's still going on after the renovations of the park.

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      do you know when the market on Madison/97th will be on?

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        It's on Wednesdays and it started last week. I went and it was very small, maybe 5 vendors or so. A lot of greens, corn, fruit, one bakery (I think). Oh, and I think it was more like 99th -- directly across the avenue from Mt. Sinai.

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          thank you - what is the best time to get there?

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            Most of the greenmarkets open at 8 am so I would guess this one does too. I went around 11 am and there was plenty of stuff available. The west side one I go to ends at 2 pm but I'm not sure what time this one ends. You can always check times, locations, etc. for all the local greenmarkets at .

    2. Abdington Sq on Saturday is good and the Wednesday market on 47th, 1st-2nd also big enough selection, very good vendors.

      1. Grand Army Plaza on Saturdays is very good. It has many of the same vendors that are in Union Sq, including Blue Moon Fish, Flying Pigs Farm, Lynnhaven Cheese, Bread Alone, Ronnybrook, Thistle Milk, and others. It definitely not as crowded as Union Sq. Are you looking for something specific?

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          I concur that the GAP market on Saturdays is terrific. I live in upstate NY now, and I still miss that market. Go early for more fish choices @ Blue Moon - they sell out quick. I know you said besides Union Square, but the Saturday market has a vintner I also love and miss, though at the moment I can't remember the name.