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Jun 24, 2009 09:50 PM

kazan korean bbq & teppanyaki - new in richmond hill

This new restaurant just opened in Richmond Hill in the former Old Galley Fish & Chips location at Yonge & Weldrick. Has anyone been yet?


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  1. I was there last Friday with my family and we all enjoyed our dinner. The chef entertained us while he was cooking. We enjoyed watching the chef cooking and performing shows such as making a little fire-shooting volcano using an onion. It was soooo awesome!!! They are offering opening special of 10% discount right now so don't miss out~! I loved their food, service and fun environment. highly recommended. I'm going there again to try Korean BBQ.

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      That sounds awesome! I've been wanting to try a Teppanyaki restaurant for awhile now. What is the price range for this restaurant?

    2. Jesus Christ...I ate at Kazan last night and let me tell you, this was one of the best dining experiences of my life in the GTA. We opted for the Korean BBQ and not Teppanyaki and we were all floored by the end of the meal. It's definitely not an all you can eat like most korean bbq's but there lies the beauty. The cuts of meat you get should you decide to go the bbq a la carte route are not even comparable to the meat at ayce kbbq's..everything from the standard korean apps/condiments to the mains were all delicious and tasted as though real quality ingredients and meats were used with sound prepping.

      We ordered one of my favourite korean dishes Kimchi Jigae, a kimchi stew with vegetables..So deliciously spicy and empowering I felt like building a house after..The Dolsot Bibimbap is a rice dish with pork and vegetables cooked in a stone bowl covered by an egg. Some of the rice is crunchy and crisp as it caught a bit to the bowl. SO delcious.

      For the BBQ we tried the spicy pork, which was marinated with kimchi and we also tried the beef sirloin. Here at Kazan you don't have to cook anything, the waitress will come by once to puyt the meat on for you, once to flip and then most likely will turn the grill off and let you eat. They are masters at cooking the meat, when we thought the meat needed to be flipped our waitress came out of nowehere flipped it and turned off the grill. Amazing..

      To give mochi_mochi and idea of pricing. The korean dishes all range around $10, and the bbq a la carte range from $15-25 per order. One bbq dish is approximately 15-20 pieces of meat the size of a zippo lighter. So for 4 of us we ordered the 2 korean dishes (rice & stew), and one order of spicy pork and the sirloin beef...between all of that and all korean condiments and lots of extra kimchi and gochujang we ordered everyone was definitely full. With a bottle of Hakutsuru Sake and a few cans of Sapporo our total bill was $150 with tip. If you're not drinking you could probably get away with $25 a person. Beyond reasonable for what you get. We were even floored at how cheap the bill was for the quality of food we were given. As well, this place is located directly beside Tomo Sushi, a front line provider of Sushi that puts most places to shame.

      Can't wait to go back.

      Food 5/5
      Service 5/5
      Ambience 5/5

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        wow! thank you so much for that great review and answering my question on the price range... that is amazing! I'm impressed by the price considering it is in the GTA. I'll definitely have to keep this place in mind when I'm in the area. Thanks Munx :)

      2. We went tonight for Korean BBQ...but it was nothing to write home about. We should've went to Sariwon instead. The prices are expensive compare to other BBQ places, portion is smaller, not as many dishes of appetizers as other places (you can even tell they don't make the kimchi themselves...tastes pretty bland), no salad/chigae come with the meals (that's why I think it's more expensive compare to other places), and also no dessert/fruits afterwards. Service is just normal...we had to ask them to give us tea a few times. And we also didn't receive the 10% grand opening discount (is it already finished?)

        My husband thinks the deco, although looks nice, is not really that great for the diners. It reflects noises so much..and particularly if you sit at the BBQ side, you can hear the teppanyaki noises amplified... he couldn't wait to leave the place....

        The cold noodle is also the most tasteless we have ever had. It's almost just water and noodles. There was not even ice in it.....

        May be the teppanyaki side is better?? But I'm sure we won't be going back...

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          i noticed this one when driving by today. i had a look of the takeout menu - much more expensive than other Korean bbqs in this area. hope they can justify the high price ...

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            Tappanyaki wasn't special... expecially, meat was tough and not properly cooked. The Korean dishes are lower quality than other korean restaurants, but higher price~~~!!!! I don't wanna recommand this restaurant. Seoul house is much much better!!!!

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            Sariwon is good. Check out Seoul House on steels~~ it is the best for me.... Kazan is the worst for me... Too much price... Low quality food!!!!!!!!!!!

          3. not bad, but overpriced. this place is more for foreigners who don't really know korean foods yet. if you're looking for a real authentic korean experience, look somewhere else but this place is good if you want to impress your boss or want to introduce someone to kfoods.

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              I would avoid this restaurant (Kazan Teppanyaki in Richmond Hill), which I went to with my family on a Saturday night. The reservation was useless, as they couldn't honour it. We were seated 45 minutes late, and only were served once we complained that it had been over an hour since we arrived. About 1.5 hours after arrival, our drink and food order was taken. They were clearly overwhelmed by having a full restaurant and could barely keep up. Once the chef arrived to cook the food, all went well.....but by that point, the charm of the teppanyaki show had lost it's charm. The food is adequate, but not worth the very bad service and long wait to be seated and served. Don't bother with this restaurant.