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Jun 24, 2009 09:34 PM

Legit Mexican Food Near Hollywood?

I'm taking some out of towners to Hollywood to see the sights. They also said they'd like to try some real Mexican food. Any ideas that are nearby? Nearby means anywhere between Hollywood and Torrance since we'll eat either on the way there or the way back.

I'm all for a good Taco Truck but my family is looking for more of a sit down joint.

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  1. Bob Mack! A name from Chowhound's distant past!

    Anyway, although the Oaxacan food at Guelaguetza or Antequera Oaxaqueno, the birria at El Parian and the Yucatecan cooking at Chichen Itza all come to mind, the confluence of Mexican, sitdown and Hollywood points inevitably to Loteria Grill on Hollywood Boulevard, which has great food, great drinks, tortillas made to order - and isn't scary a bit. Try the chicharrones de queso.

    1. Since you said Torrance, our family babysitter (who hails from Vera Cruz, Mexico) swears by La Huasteca in Lynwood. Says it's the real deal. She goes on to say that it is the closest she's seen to being like a good (upscale yet warm/accessible)) restaurant in Mexico (not a diner). Needless to say she hates any/all of our so-called Mexican restaurant chains -- and doesn't even consider Guelaguetza authentic enough. (That surprised me!) Disfrutes!