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Jun 24, 2009 09:07 PM

Review: Martine's Bistro - Comox, BC

The abundant Comox valley does not let down, especially with this bistro.

I took my parents and partner there for Father's Day and was blown away. On first inspection, the menu doesn't offer anything extraordinary, the delivery will do away with those expectations.

We started with a standard plate of mussels to share in a, as described, "Belgian style" sauce consisting of white wine, cream and leeks. Very well balanced. We also split the tiger prawns prepared in a surprisingly subtle jalapeno aioli.

Then the mains: my girl went with the seared Ahi Tuna, a standard for her. It was beautiful. One of the best cuts either of us had tasted. She'd asked the server to ask the chef to decide on the sauce and he chose a lovely lemon caper beurre blanc which was, again, very well balanced and complemented the fish nicely. The tomato risotto served as the side was stunning - easily the creamiest risotto I've ever tried and full of flavour. My father had a lovely piece of snapper served with the same. Mom went with a curried fettuccine, which I did not try, unfortunately, but she said she quite enjoyed it. I had one of the most buttery, in texture, pieces of beef tenderloin I've had the pleasure of eating with a blue cheese butter I'd love to approximate at home. The desserts were also outstanding - creme brulee, strawberry tart, and a chocolate mousse.

While this seems like standard fare, I assure you, it's anything but. Absolutely perfectly prepared food is, in fact, a rarity and the quality of ingredients served here, and at very reasonable prices, is far rarer. My only quibble is a rather pedestrian wine list, but there are a few gems on it.

Oh yeah, the patio overlooks the harbour and mountains a few hundred paces from the dock.

Martine's Bistro In Comox
1754 Beaufort Ave, Comox, BC V9M1R6, CA

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  1. I have enjoyed a couple of wonderful meals at this restaurant. There are so many great places to eat in the Comox Valley, it takes awhile to make it back.

    1. So, after reading this, we went to Martine's for my birthday supper tonight. Know what? It was just as wonderful as you described. I love pan-seared tuna so, I ordered it, also with the lemon caper beurre-blanc, and it was marvellous.

      The desserts were also very well-prepared, and were a pleasure. We had the Belgian white chocolate creme-brulee, and the blueberry-lemon tart. Both were superb.

      Can't thank you enough for your review. It helped finish my birthday off very nicely indeed!

      Lesley R., Comox, B.C. (Just moved here end June 09.)

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        Great! Glad to hear it. Have fun exploring the valley - it has a lot to offer. I don't live there (I'm from Calgary), but I do try to make it out as much as possible.