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Jun 24, 2009 08:55 PM

spending weekend in toronto,only have time for one chinese dinner...where should I go?

looks like I only have time for one chinese dinner. been reading that o mei(lobster 4 way), lai wah heen(dim sum), yang's, and asia legend are some of the better places to dine. which one would you go to if only had time for one..given that type of food was not a factor since I love chinese food in general.have a car and will travel. any other suggestions? and what should I order since we are viets and only 1 chinese but we don't trust his chinese to order.

also, going to niagara, any suggestions on wineries on the way. thinking inniskillin but that's the only wine I know.

lastly....anybody been to susur lee's places. close to second city so thought dine there before the show.


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  1. read that first....

    depends on whether you want to stay downtown or am willing to travel to the burbs. Or whether you're going for lunch/dinner.

    if downtown only then lai wah heen, it'll be expensive but worth it.

    if uptown your options are much more flexible. I would suggest you drop Asian Legend from your list, there are better shanghainese/dumpling spots available.

    casa imperial/casa victoria
    grand chinese cuisine
    empire court
    golden court
    fantasy eatery
    maple yip
    elegant view
    judy cuisine
    magic wok
    sun star
    dragon dynasty
    big mouth kee
    ding tai fung
    northern dumpling kitchen
    day & day
    omega 3
    sun star
    graceful vegetarian

    as you can see, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Let use know whether you prefer dim sum, Cantonese wok hey, Sichuan, Chiu Chow, Xinjiang, etc.......

    NOTL wineries, I suggest Stratus or Cave Springs, those are my favs....

    As to Susur, Madeline's has some Mediterranean influences and Lee's is more Asian fusion.

    1. Are you looking for dinner ? How big is your party ?

      For dinner, I just had a nice one at Regal Palace on Hwy 7 and east of Bayview. We had the Buddha jumps over wall banquet set dinner which need to be reserved in advance.

      The buddha jumps over wall double-boiled soup is one urn per person. It has a very strong flavour clear chicken soup base with Shark fin, a whole dried abalone, sea cucumber, fish maw, whole dried scallop, etc...

      The roasted pigeon is excellent as the chef is from Full House, very juicy, some of the best in Toronto area, if you like roasted pigeon, this is the place to go to.

      The Maggie sauce lobster has very good soy aroma and wok hay.

      The dried sea cucmber with dried shrimp roe sauce is ok, the dried shrimp roe flavour is not strong enough.

      The deep fried whole sole fish is so crispy that eating the bone is like eating potato chip, not all the cantonese restaurant in Toronto can make it that crispy.

      If you are looking for dim sum lunch, LWH for sure !

      Here is a picture of the Buddha jumps over wall soup at Regal Palace.

      Both Madeline and Lee are ok. For me, I pick Madeline over Lee. Lee's asian influenced dishes are really not too appealing to me.

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      1. re: skylineR33

        we have a party of six. burbs won't be a problem since we have a car and dinner would be the time. I have been reading about the lobster 4 ways at omei and it makes my mouth water. also would like the steam turbot. would this be good for only chinese dinner in toronto?

        will try to squeeze in dim sum before we leave but it will probably be in downtown. LWH sounds like the place. anywhere in downtown that has the traditional dim sum feel with the rolling carts and equal dim sum as LWH?

        1. re: triod

          Nowhere downtown comes close to LWH. Carts are an artifact of the past, pretty much all places serving higher quality dim sum will be ordered off the menu instead.

          Omei is a good choice, but just make sure you order from the Chinese menu. Even if nobody in the party can read Chinese, get them to translate it for you. Or just tell them what you want to have and they'll point you in the right direction.

          1. re: triod

            Hi triod, if you love fresh live seafood, Omei is the place to go to (especially if you love lobster). For a party of six, I suggest you order this :

            - a ~8 pounds lobster 4-way
            - steam live turbot with soy sauce and scallion (~ $30 a pound)
            - Shrimp roe tofu and/or dry fish Gai Lan

            LWH only serves dim sum at lunch.

            Wish you have a nice trip in Toronto !

        2. Just a note -- I'm pretty sure that Lai Wah Heen only serves dim sum at lunch. Could someone else confirm for the OP, please?