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Jun 24, 2009 08:52 PM

Where to shop Cape Cod, Eastham area?

My family is spending a week at the Cape this summer at a rental home. I prefer cooking to eating out. Can you recommend good markets to go to for fresh meats, chicken, bread, staples, wines and such? One night we plan to have company over so we would probably like to pick up some lobsters/clams for that event.

A friend of us has an organic vegetable farm in Eastham so we are hoping his crops will be available when we go in August.

Thanks for any tips!

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  1. For fish, I recommend the fish market in Orleans next to Sir Crickets & the Bird Watcher store. There fish is incredibly fresh & they will cook their big magilla lobsters for you at no charge. Been in there a thousand times, yet don't know the name. I recommend the Cottage Street Bakery for pies, breads or the Cape Cup for "morning" baked goods like muffins. Also, the homemade donuts from Hole in One are sinful and delicious. For meats & produce, I just stick to Stop & Shop but Friends Marketplace looks like it has a more intriguiging selection (also both in Orleans). I really don't shop much in Eastham as there aren't many offerings. I do like Sam's for sandwiches & salads & snacks to take to the beach.

    1. Heading to Orleans for shopping can take quite a chunk out of a summer day because of the traffic. Plan carefully!

      The Village Green General Store and the Eastham Superette will have most of the groceries you need. You'll pay a bit more than Stop & Shop.
      The Friendly Fisherman is also a good seafood market; see elsewhere on the board for info on the restaurant.
      There is a new shop in what was Uncle Ben's Meat Market. I have not been, but I have heard good things. It is down Brackett Road, just past the Village Green.

      1. Thanks for the tips, can't wait to go!

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          It's worth the time to go to Orleans for groceries, just go early in the day to avoid heaviest traffic. The Nauset Fish Market recommended by BlueSoup is phenomenal; you should go there for lobsters and all your fish wants and needs. Friends has great produce, cheeses, meats. On Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon you can go to the Orleans Farmers Market on Old Colony Way, just down the street from The Sparrow; it's fun and has great finds (veggies, smoked fish, fresh eggs). Cottage Street Bakery is a treat; again, go early.
          Stop & Shop has a decent bakery, produce and cheese selection. Enjoy!