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Jun 24, 2009 08:26 PM

bubble tea tapioca bubbles (boba) in nova/dc?

hi all,

anywhere i can find the large black tapioca bubbles used in bubble tea / boba? I've been trying to find them at my local asian groceries, but have only found ver very small white or mult-colored tapioca pearls.

I live in northern virginia, but am willing to travel to any metro-accessible place in dc or maryland (up to the rockville station on the red line).

thanks in advance!

p.s. while i'm here, anyone know where i can get my hands on some konyaku?
i'm thinking maybe hana or daruma might have it, but want to check before I head out there.

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  1. I think that all of the larger Korean supermarkets, including Hanh ah Reum, have konnyaku (in the refrigerator case).

    1. You may be able to find the black tapioca at Happy Go, the Chinese grocery that replaced Kam Sam in the Markham Rd. plaza in Annandale that also houses A&J. The Kam Sam had them, and from what we can tell, Happy Go's stock looks a lot like Kam Sam's did.

      Grand Mart in Sterling has an assortment of Konnyaku noodles and cakes in the refrigerated cases. If you are looking for konnyaku noodles, I believe that a number of health food stores will happily sell them to you at inflated prices---the lo-carb industry discovered them a few years ago.

      1. Teavana has them-I think there is one in Tysons.

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          also, i just tried calling Teavana in Tysons and they said they don't carry them.

        2. i found everything at happy go in annandale!
          the konyaku is the white kind, not grey, but we'll see how it does!