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Jun 24, 2009 07:39 PM

Help for visiting hound pre-South Pacific

My wife and I will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary by seeing South Pacific. We are looking for someplace with reliably great food, and even though it is a special occasion, we don't care so much about atmosphere. (We are spending so much on the hotel and theatre tickets, so wouldn't mind some cheaper chow). Any type of food is fine. Searching the board the options nearest to Lincoln Center seem unexciting. Anything in the midtown area that we might pass walking from our hotel on W.57th street to Lincoln Center??


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  1. I would suggest Nougatine, the more casual restaurant at Jean Georges, in the Trump International Hotel, on Columbus Circle. The food's delicious! In addition to the moderately-priced a la carte menu, they serve a bargain 4-course prix fixe for $35. Service is excellent, and even though you don't care much about atmospherics, Nougatine's happen to be very appealing.

    Happy Anniversary! Enjoy the show and Bon Appetit!

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      For Lincoln Center, we tend to rotate between Telepan and Nougatine.
      Note that the $35 special at Nougatine has no choices-so if you have restrictions, etc., it may not work for you. It is an amazing deal, though.
      In order to give you time to eat and walk up to Lincoln Center, you may want to reserve for 5:30 so you don't feel rushed.

      1. re: David W

        Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately we cannot eat some of the items on the prixe fixe. Is the fusion-Mexican at Hell's Kitchen a reasonable option? I don't know how difficult or long it would take to get to Lincoln Ctr from there. (We don't want to feel rushed). Thanks again.

        1. re: Framinghound

          Hell's Kitchen (the restaurant) is located on 9th Av., b/t 46th & 47th Sts. (That area is known as "Hell's Kitchen.") Lincoln Center is on B'way & 65th. A long walk or a short cab ride. If you reserve when dinner service starts at 5 p.m., you should have plenty of time to have a leisurely meal and make an 8 .m. curtain. Never having eaten at Hell's Kitchen, I can't provide any opinion about the quality of the food, but most Hounds who have been there say it's excellent.

          Rosa Mexicano is a Mexican restaurant located directly across B'way from Lincoln Center. I'm nt a fan, but many others like it.

    2. Whatever you do...Do not eat at Shun Lee West. A very $$$$ disaster.