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Jun 24, 2009 06:27 PM

Hartford CT Bakeries and Foodies Secrets

Need some suggestions for special spots in and around Hartford, going a few weekends for work and want some yummies and great food. I love dark chocolate anything? Breakfasts too, thanks

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  1. In Hartford, I think a great place to stop is Mozzicatos bakery cafe on Franklin Avenue. I'm not sure what their hours are but I believe that they're open into the evening for dessert after dinner. Good Italian Ice, decent cannolis, etc. It's a cute and inexpensive place.

    Let's see...lots of people go to West Hartford Center for dining (lunch/dinner) and there are lots of good places to eat there: Max's Oyster Bar, Elbow Room, Bricco.

    Breakfast is a tough one in this area, in my opinion. I live in West Hartford and usually head off to Quaker Diner which is in my nabe. Right next to Quaker Diner is a neat little bakery called A Little Something and they have lots of cupcakes (red velvet, vanilla on vanilla and the other usual suspects). They also sell these amazing cookies called Almond Clouds. Sort of soft, sort of chewy and addictive. Outside of the area I find a killer breakfast offering in Simsbury at Harvest Bakery/Cafe. They have magical things like banana bread french toast and killer pancakes.
    Bakeries....for something funky, try Tastease on New Park Ave in Hartford where they have teeny, awesome donuts decorated with funky but not strange toppings. Tastease is hands down one of my favorite places to get donuts and bring them somewhere because they're unique to the area.
    Also, in West Hartford I love Elmwood Bakery on New Britain Avenue. They have great classic donuts not unlike what Dunkin Donuts sells, in style but they have that homemade feel.

    One of my new faves right now, also near Elmwood Bakery, is Vietnam Restaurant on New Britain Ave. Their appetizers rock and their entrees are huge. BYOB is the rule there and it's also easy on your wallet.

    I could go on and on but I'll let others chime in!
    enjoy your stay!

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      Masha Bousha:
      Thank you very much what about lunch spots too?

      1. re: nbermas

        You are welcome!
        Vietnam would be great for lunch and I'm constantly shocked by their good food at such low prices. I took my mom there (her request) for Mother's day and got out of there stuffed with nummy goodness for $18 for both of us).

        Someone mentioned Pratt Street in Hartford. That is a good place to go, for sure. I love Vaughns Public House for pub food with a big focus on Irish stuff. Their curry sauce for their french fries makes me drool and they pour a very nice Guinness.
        The noodle bar on Pratt Street is called Tanuki and you can search this board here for some reviews on it, some good/some bad.
        Feng is Japanese and also in downtown Hartford (I forget which street but I think it's parallel to Pratt). Also I love Agave Grill which is also downtown. They're the only place I know of that has good fish tacos and their refried black beans are off the hook good.

        Monte Alban in the West End of Hartford is another (lower key) Mexican place, a bit more authentic than Agave.

        If you're up for burgers West Hartford now boasts 3 distinct burger joints: Plan B on Park Road, The Counter in Blue Back Square and Max Burger in WH center. I've done the first two but not Max's yet. Plan b is a bit tiny but I like their food. The Counter is brighter and more conducive to people watching (especially if the weather is nice enough to open the giant window/garage door they have there).

        sigh, I could go on all day!


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          Mickey's Oceanic Grill for the great fish sandwich is a winning pick for lunch. It's on Pitkin Street, E. Hartford just across the river from Hartford. It's an old school,stand-up drive-in place in an industrial park setting. When it's nice, the thing to do is get the sandwich to-go and drive the 3/4 of a mile to Great River Park and eat a picnic table along the river. Closed Sunday.

          1. re: Waquoit

            Crikey, they're open on Saturdays???
            For years I thought they were only open M-F so once in a blue moon when I had a weekday off I would indulge in that fish sandwich (for some reason my stomach is growling right now).
            Seriously, that is the BEST fish sandwich I know of in CT....perhaps the WORLD!
            thanks for the tip!

        2. re: masha bousha

          I am so glad You mentioned Vietnam as I for got about this place and loved it back when my husband worked in that area. The ingredients always seemed very fresh.

        3. For breakfast you can't beat Moe's, just off Farmington Avenue on Whitney Avenue in Hartford. Beware: there are lines on the weekend.

          I love the Mozzicato cafe suggestion. If you like dark chocolate, you'll love Mozzicato's dark chocolate cookies. Steer clear, however, of Mozzicato's breads, and their lackluster pizza.

          The Viet Nam on N.B. Avenue is good, but I find the Pho Boston, closer to Hartford in the Shield Street Plaza just off N.B. Avenue, is better. Their shaken beef is very good, and their soups are amazing.

          For lunch, any of the restaurants along Pratt Street in Hartford is passable. There's a new Japanese noodle shop that's supposed to be very cool.

          One of Hartford's best kept lunch secrets is the One State Street Cafe in the Hartford Steam Boiler building. It's on the fifth floor and is open to the public. They have never failed to astound me with an amazing assortment of upscale items (at good prices). The presentation is also notable. There's no booze there, however, and I don't think one can byob.

          1. While you're in West Hartford Center visit Bridgewater Chocolates

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