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Jun 24, 2009 06:19 PM

Indian in Worcester

My favorite Indian place in Worcester, India Cafe, is closed for some renovations while they take over the space next to them. I have been going across the street to Bollywood, but frankly they never get eh order right and I don't particularly care for their food anyways.

Are there any other good Indian restaurants in the area? Doesn't have to be Worcester proper, but I don't want to be going all the way out to Marlboro.


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  1. Have you tried UDUPI, Just down the road in the Price chopper Plaza in Shrewsbury. I like it best. It is pure Vegetarian and is Southern Indian Cuisine. I have eaten there with someone who should know (a Native) and they said many of the dishes are quite authentic (to that region) I have also eaten there with confirmed carnivores and they enjoyed it as well. Just don't go looking for Tandori chicken, but If you think about it, half of India Cafe's buffet items are meatless!

    1. I have had some good meals at Surya, at 299 Shrewsbury St. It's sort of hidden in a strip mall. I like it hot and they aren't shy at all about the spice levels. The atmosphere is nothing special, but you might give it a try.

      1. Glad to hear that India Cafe is expanding. By the way, has anyone tried the Indian grocery on Route 9 in the same strip as Deja Brew? I went in for the first time yesterday and was very pleasantly surprised by the great variety of produce, canned products, frozen food, and spices, and by the prices. I bought things that I've never heard of or tried before, like pickled mango. I also want to try another Indian store, also on Route 9 in Shrewsbuiry, near Trippi's. Not saying that my results can in any way compare with that of India Cafe, Bollywood Grill, or Surya, but at least I can whip something up when I get a sudden yen for Indian food!

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          I haven't been to the new one - Patel Bros. yet. From what I understand, it is a larger, more market style place, but seems to have a lot more selection. All I know is it seems quite popular and all the traffic it generates is making that intersection a mess.

          The other one is decent (I am guessing), at least it seems to be. Not huge, but the staff seemed friendly. There are a couple of other small ones too along the route, and one out in Westboro just after BJ's next to the Whiz. But the one by Trippis has fresh vegetables and such.

          Yes, Indai Cafe is expanding - last I talked with him, the plan was to have one side the buffet, as that is his big business, with the other side for banquets, large parties, and overflow seating. Although he thought he was going to be open in June...