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Jun 24, 2009 05:57 PM

New England Style Hot Dog Roll

Hoping I can get some help. I live in the fort Lauderdale area. I'm looking for the hot dog rolls like the ones I had when living in the Boston area. They came in like a pull apart strip. Not individual rolls. They're great with hot dogs and better with lobster salad.

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  1. good luck dude... ive lived here 8 years and have yet to find those anywhere. those things are like wonder bread rolls or something. the best ive found are martins potato hot dog buns which are quite righteous.

    1. If what you're looking for is a hot dog-type bun that is split on top, rather than on the side, Publix bakeries sell packs of eight unsplit buns that you can split anywhere you'd like -- either on the top or on the side. They taste somewhat better than the usual hot dog rolls found in the bread section, and need to be pulled apart to separate the individual rolls. I've found that I usually have to ask the bakery department workers for the unsplit rolls.

      1. go to the whole foods in wellington.
        their hot dog buns are sick....

        1. Sometimes Winn-Dixie will sell them in 12 packs,often around summer holidays.

          If you have a bakery,with an attached outlet store,they make them up for basball parks,and other custom users.

          They sometimes have them in 16 packs,discounted.


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          1. re: TomFl

            Thanks for your replies. I'll check-out your suggestions.
            I saw a thread that says you can buy a King Authur Bakers pan made to make your own.
            Maybe I'll try that if I can't find them.

            1. re: joda

              Fresh Market has them, they have an egg wash exterior and have a better taste than most. The other would be at Publix.

          2. Try this. You can freeze these rolls. I have had some frozen for 6 months and they were still good when I used them. BTW, I am originally from Maine and like a lot of others, I missed these rolls.