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Jun 24, 2009 05:51 PM

World Famous in San Diego

World Famous in Pacific Beach used to be one of our favorite restaurants - the last two times there have been very disappointing - poor food and mediocre service. Any similar experiences or comments?
thanks , berliz

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  1. World Famous has always been a beach cruiser kind of place for us..never put it in my fav's but it was a good place for a decent breakfast/lunch and bloody mary on Sat or Sunday..riding up and down the boardwalk.
    Anyone remember when World Famous was where the Green Flash is now?

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    1. re: Beach Chick

      I still have a tendency to it Famous...killed a lot of neurons at four in the am with Lonnie or Richard behind the bar.

    2. I have never understood the love for World Famous or Green Flash.

      "World Famous in Pacific Beach used to be one of our favorite restaurants"

      Could be that you have been to better places since then and in comparison it seems mediocre.

      I think I liked both places before I knew better.

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      1. re: stevewag23

        To me they both are what they are: places to have a drink, enjoy the people-watching action on the boardwalk, and eat some average food. Does anyone really go to those places expecting fine cuisine? I will admit that I had a pretty good carne asada benedict at WF a couple months ago. I had low expectations and they surpassed them.

        1. re: jennyo

          Not necessarily "fine cuisine", but good cuisine would be nice.

          So would passable service.

          "I had low expectations"

          I think that is the key.

      2. A place I like for HH but, not dinner. Pretty good nut crusted baked brie, average fish taco's, calamari etc. and a nice view.

        1. The highlight of World Famous is their lobster bisque. Wednesday evening they have half price lobster tacos which are pretty good, but not great. Keep in mind that tourists love this place for the location and view.

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          1. Lobster tacos with jasmine (not dirty) rice rule!!...also the firecracker thai shrimp and prime rib bits are amazing. Good value for the money and I'm not easy to please.