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Jun 24, 2009 04:54 PM

Where in Montreal for 1)Poutine, 2)Smoke Meat and 3)Bagel?

I am planning to head to Montreal for a long weekend. Where can I get best poutine, Montreal smoke meat and Montreal bagel in or close to downtown? I will be staying near Metro station Place Des Arts.


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  1. In order. Frite Alors, Schwartz's , Fairmount Bagel. All in your range.

    1. this has been discussed in many many many others threads. Please do a quick search to fully answer your query... As for my top three: La Banquise, Schwartz's, St-Viateur.

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        1. re: daimon4

          I also second alixium's reply except for the bagel. I prefer Fairmount Bagel.

          1. re: Foie Gras Lover

            St. Viateur: smaller, chewier, denser
            Fairmount: larger, slightly sweeter

            Also st.viateur sells individual cream cheese portions for a quick bagel to go.

        2. 1) La Banquise is the best. Orange Julep actually has a very underrated poutine. Also, the little restaurant in St. Sulpice has a great poutine.

          2) Schwarts' is the the best smoked meat. Don't settle for Dunn's, or any other smoked meat places.

          3) St. Viateur has the best bagels, BUT go to the original location on St-Viateur. For some reason, the one on Monkland just isn't the same.

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            1. re: jorgep18

              The one on St.Viateur, for which the chain is named. :-)

              263 St. Viateur West

          1. For melt in your mouth smoked meat at Schwartz's order your SM at the very least medium, or preferably medium-fat or fat. The fatter the better. The lean meat tends to be considerably dry & tough.

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            1. re: RhondaB

              Isn't ordering a 'fat' smoked meat sandwich too fat(always medium-fat for me)?

            2. Poutine: Patati Patata (baskets are fun!)
              Smoked meat: The Main (Schwartz's doesn't have the club roll. Sorry.)
              Bagel: Fairmount (I sacrilegiously enjoy the bozo bagel.)