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Jun 24, 2009 04:51 PM

Recipe for a Wet Woody

Does anyone out there know the recipe for the "Wet Woody", the signature drink at Garwoods in Lake Tahoe? I would love to make it....

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  1. We were at Garwoods last weekend for the boat show and I've been trying to get the recipe as well. No luck on the internet so I just called and talked to a bartender :)

    He said he couldn't give the exact portions but gave me the following ingredients:
    Light Rum
    Bacardi 151
    Peach Schnapps
    (all about equal parts)

    Combine with:
    Cranberry Juice
    Orange Juice
    Pineapple Juice
    Sweet & Sour Mix

    Float Bacardi Select Rum on top.

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    1. re: walterT15

      Thanks for passing that on! Have you tried making the drink yet? If so, how did it turn out or do you remember anymore?? There's a lot of alcohol in these Woodies!

      1. re: walterT15

        That sounds pretty dreadful. Do you really want all those juices AND sweet & sour mix?

        1. re: ed1066

          They are AMAZING~~ I just got back from Tahoe, stayed walking distance from Gar Woods and visited twice. I found this thread while searching for the recipe myself.

          Delicious (and STRONG!) The waitress told us that there was a shot of each of the liquors in each drink. WOW

          1. re: supa k

            We too were given the ingredients and experimented until we got it right. We use the Margaritaville cocktail blender to make Wet Woody's (have never made a margarita with it!). We found that using thawed frozen concentrates rather than juices worked better and did not get diluted with the ice. Oh, and we don't use the sweet and sour.