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Jun 24, 2009 03:59 PM

A Beccafico-Venice

Has anyone been there? It is rated #1 on tripadvisor restaurants. Any comments and pricing would be appreciated.

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  1. Beccafico is wonderful. It is located on the beautiful Campo Santo Stefano and has both indoor and outdoor seating. The food is superb and the staff very attentive to detail. I am living in Venice for the month of July and this is my favorite restaurant. The proprietors make you feel at home and are wonderful people. Both Dali and Adele are more than happy to accomodate your desires. I find the pricing to be comparable for a top rated restaurant in Venice. At Beccafico you are guaranteed of the best food and wine for your money. Sadly, many other Venetian restaurants charge high prices and fail to provide such a high standard. I frequent many Boston and New York restaurants and find that Beccafico can compete with any of the best those cities have to offer. If you go to Beccafico make sure to save room for dessert and have the Cassata. Delicious!

    btw - they also own a pizzeria named Beccafico pizzeria - near the Rialto Bridge. Sorry to ramble on, but I am very excited about this particular restaurant. Post again if you want more details. ciao from Venezia.......jzz

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      Hiya, i'm trying to book a restaurant for this weekend when we're in Venice but finding all the restaurants are REALLY expensive! Love the sound of this one

      When you say comparable, could you give me an idea of prices for anti pasti, secondi and dessert courses and what we can expect to pay for a bottle of wine? WIth the GBP being so weak against the Euro it's making eating out in venice more expensive than any of the top places in London!

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        I have no idea about beccafico but if you search this board using the search box above using the terms Venice and inexpensive and you should find quite a number of recommendations from chowhounds for places where you have a delicious Venetian meal and will not pay top dollar. If you are price sensitive dont order whole fish - they tend to be quite pricy (sadly) As for wine, we usually have the house wines or a bottle from the veneto or nearby - white wines tend to be the most appropriate with these dishes. The house wines will be cheap - if you order from the wine list it will of course be more - Id say perhaps 20 euros for an inexpensive white at a top place.

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          Just returned home late yesterday. Sorry I didn't update your questions. Too much fun and too little computer time. Anyway, most of Venice is expensive. However this restaurant is always exceptionally good. Prices are dfficult to quote because I do not know what your taste is in wine, size of appetite, etc. They serve great food to everyone. Other restaurants only serve the best to the Venetians and not to tourists. Stop by and look at their menu for specifics on the pricing and decide how much to spend. They also serve throughout the day and do not close between lunch and dinner. I was in Venice for the month of July and this was the ONLY restaurant that treated everyone equally well. I hope you enjoy it.

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            hey, a month in Venice, wow

            where else did you eat ?