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Jun 24, 2009 02:44 PM

MSP - Help me save this new Apple Valley restaurant!

Ramy's Mediterranean Cuisine and New York Style Pizzeria opened a month or so ago in Apple Valley (right next to the Culver's, where "Two Guys From Italy" used to be). My family and I have been in there twice, and were very happy about the food both times. My son, the pasta lover, had baked ziti and fettuccini with garlic and olive oil (_very_ garlicky), I tried a calzone and a gyro, my daughter had a chicken cordon bleu wrap, and my wife had the chicken kabob pita sandwich, and, the second time, had a freshly-made tabouli salad, which was just incredible. It was a lot less bulgur and a lot more mint/parsley/tomatoes/cucumbers that most I've seen. It was so fresh-tasting - it actually went perfectly with the extra-garlicky fettuccini my son had - really cleared out the garlic taste afterwards.

It appears to be a family-run joint, and, as far as I can tell, everything is made fresh to order - at least all of our food was - sauces, salads, doughs. The owners are really friendly - even remembered us the second time we were in there - which brings me to the problem. The reason they probably remembered us is that there were so few people coming in there. The location has already had one or two other restaurants in it, and the immediate area has seen 5 or 6 quirky (and tasty) little restaurants/food places go out of business. I'd like to see this one stay. Apple Valley need something to choose from that's not from a chain. If Satay 2 Go can make it in their location, then Ramy's can, too. I've been thinking about setting up at the entrance to Culver's next door and trying to physically push people toward Ramy's. If they got 5% of the Culver's people to come in, they'd be full all the time...

So, the details:

15265 Galaxie Ave (Galaxie just south of 42)
Apple Valley, MN

Here's a review:

And some pictures, including a menu (which is evolving):


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  1. I wrote the review that Greg links to (I'd prefer you use instead and save me the database hit on the search term but no worries) and I have been to Ramy's on four different occasions now. Once for the review, one for the garlic knots while we were running around, and twice more for some cheap eats.

    As I state in the review this is not a place that's going to drag the inner foodie out of someone who stops in. What it will do is not drag the money out of your wallet when you walk in the door. This place has decent food at a very good price. I enjoyed the gyro and I enjoyed the cheese steak (as a Pennsylvanian I don't care what anyone says on other threads, there are no decent cheese steaks here--especially not at T.O.P.S. in Rosemount--yuck) but I especially enjoyed my spinach, tomato and garlic calzone. Definitely tasty and so worth the pennies I paid for it.

    I end up eating at too many new and/or different restaurants to continue to patronize the favorites over and over again but with my wife doing quite a bit of prodding we have been back numerous times to help them stay afloat.

    I'm with Greg. If you haven't been to Ramy's and you're looking for some cheap eats, I suggest you get in there soon and check it out!

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    1. re: Bill Roehl

      Bill's right - most of the food there is not "interesting", except for the fact that it's freshly made by people that really seem to be making an effort to do it right, really tasty, and inexpensive. I would really just like to see this place succeed.

      The one thing that really did get my attention, though, was the tabouli salad. I'd had tabouli several times before, but this version was just so fresh and good - it was really a perfect summer salad. I highly recommend it.

      Sorry about the link - it was what popped up in Google...

    2. i've never even heard of it. i'll have to give it a try. i wonder if they've done any advertising or if they just thought that having a location next to culver's would be advertisement enough.

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      1. re: rachel_reagan

        They don't even have a permanent sign up over the door nevermind any advertising. This place is just spreading by word of mouth at this point and I have been doing my best to ensure that people know it's there and that it's good for the price.

        Check it out and let us know what you thought. I haven't heard any complaints from anyone yet...

      2. First of all, let me say "Thank you" for sharing. After looking at the pictures posted and reading the reviews it would be a shame for this place to close without a given chance. I love trying new restaurants and I would definitely go out of my way to try this place. I like to support the mom & pop and the hole in the wall places, maybe another "best kept secret"? I'll try it and we'll see.......

        1. I've always enjoyed Ramy's (Edina location which used to be Paradise Pizza). Ramy himself cooked and delivered probably 75% of the orders we placed. I just hope he doesn't overextend himself with the new location. As others have noted, there's not much on the menu that is special, it's just always fresh and good. Ramy's is one of the few pizza joints around here I'd even dare order a salad.

          1. I just went in there today for lunch. This is authentic "steamrolled" NY style pizza that drips grease and is cheap (two slices and a pop for $3.50). It's very similar to what I had at Hiawatha Pizza in Minneapolis but two slices at Ramy's equal one at Hiawatha (more or less the same price) and this is in the South Metro. Woot.