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Jun 24, 2009 02:32 PM

Italian food in Paris.

Wanting some italian food after days of eating french food, We picked a restaurant that looked promising, Del Papa, in Saint Germain.
The first problem we encountered was my uncle ordered a compari and soda, and the waiter tired to serve him compari and tonic water, which is completely wrong.
My uncle also ordered, to start, an Arugula salad with Parmesan cheese. The presentation seemed nice but once you really looked at it, you saw the arugula was rotted and wet, but the cheese was good. The salad was uneatable. When the waiter came to clear the table, he looked down at my uncles salad and he even saw it was rotten and didn't seem to care and still charged us for it.
I order a pizza margarita and it was very good, huge portion but if your hungry, you will finish it.

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  1. Ouch!!!

    In the same area is Da Pietro Pizzeria at 12 Mabillon, the only Italian place I've been to in Paris. It was in the block north of our apartment and open on Sunday night. The food was very good. We had salads and some dishes the owner picked out for us.

    My bet is that other folks know lots of good Italian places.

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      I don't think there are a lot of very good Italian places. Many decent ones for sure.

      The best by and large is Pasta e Basta, in Chinatown (that's not taking into account the fancy, starred Italians)

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        But you can find excellent, and very reasonably priced Italian produce at the Cisternino chain of "lattes". Every thursday they receive a delvery of fresh Burata stratight from Lazio which will knock your socks off while making you fat.

    2. Mori Venice Bar is the only place to go.

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        I thought La Taverna, in the 7th, was OK, but others have raved about the place. But I agree with most observers, Paris is not the best location for Italian or Chinese cuisine.