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Jun 24, 2009 02:29 PM

LCBO and OPSEU settle potential strike

LOCKED DISCUSSION what else is new? One wine wag said that it was all scripted and staged anyway...

  1. Too bad! I had visions of people rushing into the LCBO to buy their favourite booze (Scotch, Rye, Bourbon, Tequila, etc.), only to find it sold out, and beng foced to resort to he liks of, say, Chartreuse or Cachaca. Now they'll be able to get what they are accustomed to having..

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    1. re: ekammin

      ha! after racking up $52 million in sales yesterday, their biggest day ever. And that's not counting the cash sales.

      1. re: ekammin

        A lot has been made about that record haul and how the strike threat was good for business, but if you think about a lot of people are probably be like me: I picked up a couple big bottles of liquor on Tuesday and now I probably won't be back to the LCBO for a month or so. Now that everyone's stocked up, business will probably be slower than average for a few weeks at least. In the end it might end up almost even, with a little blip to account for the "it was in my fridge so I drank it" syndrome.

        1. re: Gary

          ha! so true about that little "blip". W hat with all that extra booze around, it might lead to people drinking more than they would normally, which is contrary to the lcbo not supposed to be promoting drinking.

          Well I'm stocked up on wine for sure even though I'm in beer-drinking mode now. Still I'm glad they're not on strike because I prefer to get my beer from the lcbo.

          $60 million in one day though, that's pretty awe-inspiring -- an economic stimulus package in and of itself!

          1. re: JamieK

            This might mean the wildest Canada Day yet in Ontario. Although it's on a Wednesday so that might temper things a bit.

      2. That's a nice take-in for one day. I'm glad they settled, hubby didn't buy any extra and I went into panic mode thinking I wouldn't have my glass of wine with dinner. Whew.

        1. The original comment has been removed