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Jun 24, 2009 02:25 PM

All-Clad raised prices?

Is this just in Canada, or just in WS? This week all of the All-Clad prices jumped substantially. The pieces I looked at had gone up in price with the increases ranging from 25.00 - 50.00 per piece. Can anyone tell me if this is the same in the US or in shops other than Williams Sonoma? Fortunately for me, I had just about completed all the purchases I wanted to make but there is still a thing or two on my list and with the increase in prices I am finding it hard to justify.

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  1. Anyone seen anything? I'm very interested to know if this is just a WS thing or just in Canada thanks!

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    1. re: knet

      I didn't notice in other stores.

      I usually don't shop AC at WS unless it's one of their exclusives that is cheaper and have more features .

      What pieces are you not sure about, I have most of the AC styles maybe I can give you some ideas

      1. re: CACook

        At the WS stores here in Canada, every single piece has gone up in price, from what I can see the increases range from 25.00 - 50.00 or more per piece. For example, the 2 qt saute went from 114.00 up to 150 overnight, butter warmer from 49 t0 79, etc. Every single piece has gone up substantially. I have most of what I want already as I have been buying for a while but still wanted a saute pan. Not sure if this is a WS thing or actually that All-Clad has raised the prices. The larger saute pans are now up in the 300.00 range and at that price I think you're pretty much in the Demeyere world. If, however, this price increase is unique to WS then perhaps I should look at trying to find online from the US. Less suppliers of AC here in Canada you see! I sometimes take a trip to the US but hadn't really planned to do that this summer.

        1. re: knet

          That's a bummer. I am a Canadian living in the US and I understand your frustration. Although up there economy seems to be doing better than here. It is much much easier to shop in US online.

          I would recommend shopping from US to complete your collection.
          WS has a 4 quart saute pan exclusive with screen that is relatively cheaper.

          Do you plan to saute for real, as in shaking your pan on the stove. If not I would get a casserole instead, it's the same thing just have 2 loops instead of a long handle. It stores better and fit into fridge and oven better.

          1. re: CACook

            I know, great idea and I already have the Calphalon tri-ply everyday pan which is the casserole shape with two loop handles and I use it a lot but the pan I need to finish the collection is to actually saute in! Guess I had better get used to the idea of finding it in the US though not so many US suppliers ship to Canada!

            1. re: knet

              American prices appear to be stable so it sounds like a Canadian WS thing.

              Shopping to the US is one thing, but shipping/handling/insurance will essentially bring it really close to buying the piece in Canada.

              If you are close enough to the US or go frequently (or know someone who does) make a list of locales and pieces that you need and get them that way. That's pretty much what I do.

              1. re: wattacetti

                Completely right, it will become a bit of a task to do if I have to deal with the exchange rate, duties, shipping, etc so if this hasn't happened in the US it is time to get creative! Thanks for letting me know the prices don't seem to have changed in the US, that helps.