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Jun 24, 2009 01:59 PM

First night in Paris - and it's a Sunday

My family will be going to Paris in late July. Two teens and a tween, all presentable and eager to try "real" Paris. We arrive on a Sunday, and stay in the Marais.

Is there a brasserie ... open on Sunday ... that would be a good first-night meal in Paris? Or some other recommendation?

Thanks ...

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  1. All brasseries are open 7/7; the nearest to you is Bofinger but I had a disappointing meal there a while back with two 10 year olds; I'd walk a bit further to Mon Vieil Ami.

    1. Sunday is a busy day in the Marais and most non starred restaurants will be open. Petit Bofinger would work; Le Bar A Huitres Bastille (seafood) and Europe Pizza come to mind. More upscale, La Place Royale is on Place des Vosges. The greatest concentration of informal restaurants is around St. Paul and Bastille; you should have no problem in those areas.

      1. I would not advise for Mon Vieil Ami, but Le Café de l'Industrie is a nice, unpretentious, inexpensive place.

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          why not souphie? would you explain.

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            I don't think Mon Vieil Ami is a good restaurant anymore. I like the concept, but the quality of the food is very average, the cooking very approximate. It wasn't always like that.