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Jun 24, 2009 01:57 PM

Visiting with in-laws: lunch in Penn Qtr, dinner in Dupont? suggestions?

Hi ya hounders!

My husband and I are taking the the train from NY to DC to rendevouz with my in-laws for one day, July 3rd. They've never been to DC and since I was an intern there years ago and have raved about the city ever since, they're now turning to me for suggestions - problem: I was on a student budget back then so eating out wasn't really my thing. I could really use your help.

We're arriving late on the 2nd and staying at the Rennaisance Marriot in Georgetown/Foggy Bottom. For breakfast on the 3rd, they're basically coffee and bagel folks, so I was thinking K Street Cafe & Bagel. Any other bakeries or coffee shops worth trying and in the area, I'd like to hear about them. Since we're only going to be there for the day, we want to eat quick and get touring.

We'll be on the Mall most of the afternoon and then possibly into Old Town Alexandria. If we hit up Old Town, I thought Eammon's. But if we stay on the Mall, I'd appreciate recs for cheap, tasty eats. Food trucks or anything fast and delish in Penn Quarter would be great! I have Teaism on the list as a possibility..

Dinner.. my in-laws aren't really foodies, but they do appreciate a good meal, decent size portions, etc. As long as the menu is more sirloin than sweetbreads and they can get a good glass of wine they'll be happy. I'd prefer intimate and special over tres chic. Potenza looks about right, but not Proof or Blue Duck Tavern. Oh - and $50+/- pp, not counting drinks.


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  1. look into Patisserie Poupon 1645 Wisconsin Georgetown for bfast and there's a Teaism in Penn Quarter.

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      Lunch options on the mall are really not great. The lunch carts sell hot dogs, half smokes and dora the explorer popsicles. Mitisam the cafeteria at the American Indian museum is one of the better options for quick lunch.

    2. Also there is the Wolfgang Puck Cafe at the Newseum affiliated, but less pricey than the Source. I really like lunch at Zaytinya especially if you can sit outside. The sandwiches and salads and stuff aren't that expensive?

      If you do Eammons you might want something a little lighter for dinner as all that fried goodness tends to make you crave some veggie. You might think about Oya the decor is a little wild, but I really like the food. PS7 is good, but I didn't find it really wow, but they have some lighter dishes that aren't so heavy. But I am sure both have red meat selections. Or maybe DC Coast. I think it would fit your price, depending on how many course you normally order, may push it a bit for all three. But I think they have good meals, that aren't too foodie but prepared nicely and good portions for the price.

      We also like the Pita House in Old Town for a nice cheap lunch.

      1. for dinner in dupont i would suggest mourayo. no muss, no fuss, great food, not snooty or foodie but still definitely can make an awesome meal.

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          I second Mourayo...hubby and I had dinner there a month or two ago for the first time and everything from the service to the food was wonderful.

        2. Restaurant Eve in Old Town. They will find some good things on the menu, and you will be very happy indeed. Great, intimate, almost hidden spot. Walking in, it is very much an Old Town experience.

          Eamonn's is an oily battered piece of fish. Go there only if everyone in your group has a hankering for fish n' chips, but it would be just plain silly to go there given your parameters.

          K St Bagel is fine. You can do better for fancier choices, but it would not fit what you've told us.

          1. Thanks! I've heard great things about Mitisam. Mourayo - I'll check it out.