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Jun 24, 2009 01:50 PM

Porchetta in Florence? And Dario Cecchini ?

I am spending this summer in Florence in Rome. I want to get the best Porchetta sandwich in Florence if possible. Also, is it possible to get to Panzano-in-Chianti from Florence in terms of doing a day trip there? Of course to see Dario Cecchini at Antica Macchelleria Cecchini....


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  1. There are buses from Florence to Panzano. Dario Cecchini has become a conglomerate of sorts: there's the Macelleria, there's Solo Ciccia, and he's recently opened a hamburger joint called, I believe, McDario's.

    I always thought porchetta was more of a Lazio than a Tuscany thing.

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      I saw plenty of porchetta at small town butchers in tuscany down toward umbria - monte san savino, lucignano etc. but its been many years since Ive been thru the region. I remember seeing porchetta vans on market days, too. I dont recall seeing this item in Florence, but I never looked for it - but it would make sense to seek it in the big markets, the Mercato Centrale at San Lorenzo and Sant Ambrogio.,

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        So i assume there are no trains to Panzano. If I take a bus, how long would it take to get to Panzano?

        I saw Dario lift up a giant porchetta out of his case at Antica Maccelleria to serve Anthony Bourdain in No Reservations........ it was a nice epic piece of meat.....

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          Zerlina: I understand that this butcher carries excellent product, and that a tourist who is renting a place nearby might like to purchase meat to prepare, or salumi to serve, back at the rental place. But for the "average" visitor,staying in a hotel, would there be a compelling reason to put Panzano on the itinerary? Are the affiliated eating places exceptional?

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            I didnt want to say anything but the eating, or maybe for someone in the meat trade, schmoozing with the butcher, would have to be exceptional to warrant making a special trip there. I well remember (and this is more than 25 yrs ago) going to Panzano, an unlovely place in the context of Tuscany, getting out in the blazing sun of the large piazza, going into the macellaria, looking around and leaving. Ceccini had no restaurant at the time.

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              I haven't eaten at either. I understand that the prices are very reasonable and that vast quantities of food are offered, at least at Solo Ciccia, which is fixed-price. Some people love it, but I sometimes wonder whether it has more to do with Cecchini's celebrity than with the quality of the food.

        2. I don't recall seeing much porchetta available in Florence. I think you will find prochetta more available in southern Tuscany & Umbria.

          On the other hand, do try the boiled beef sandwhich at Nerbone in Florence's Mercato Central.

          1. Porchetta is Lazio and Abruzzi, so Rome would be a better place than Florence. Try roscioli bakery or la tradizione, for example....

            1. Hi Schweinhaxen,
              My husband and I went to Antica Macchelleria last month and it was really one of our best days in Tuscany. If you can please try to go on a Sunday, it's very lively and there is an outdoor market in the center of the town. You will find Porchetta at Dario's (I took a few slices back with me to munch on back at the hotel plus I brought back packages of their homemade salt mixture with herbs that are vacuum packed in plastic which can easily fit into your suit case) We had a wonderful 3 and a half hour dinner on an outside patio that is upstairs from his butcher shop. There is a dining room with the fire pits but we opted for the outside patio -luckily we did cause a lot of the people inside that dining room were coming outside for fresh COOL air because it was SO hot in there. Sunday lunch cost us a flat 50 euro each. All the food and drink you can eat, the staff there too is wonderful. And yes, Dario was there right behind the counter making his bowls of " sushi" with his famous meat. I'm SO excited for you!! We had a rental car......

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                "a flat 50 euro each" My, my, inflation has been worse in Italy than I realized (or observed elsewhere).. When it opened not more than three years ago, the fixed price was 30 Euro. It seems inflation has hit Dario Cecchini particularly hard...

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                  What exactly does the 50 euro include? It seems quite pricey for a rustic restaurant!

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                    I think you understand Italian. Here's what an Italian said and thought when the price was still 30 Euro:

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                      The 50 euro includes ALL the wine you can consume within about a 3 hour plus span, here's what we had:
                      Garden Veggies with Olive oil
                      Brustico de Sushi Del Chianti- Raw beef
                      Costata alla Fiorentia-Bone in Rib eye
                      Bistecca Panzanese-Steak
                      Bistecca Fiorentina-T Bone
                      Baked Potatoes with "Chianti butter" -lardo
                      Coffee, water, grappa and Military Liqueurs (NO LIMIT!)
                      Dessert is Olive oil cake
                      It is worth the coin :)

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                        order the hamburger it's 10 Euros I think and out of this world

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                          Thanks for the input!! Do you know if Dario offers this during the week or is this Sunday only?


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                            The information is all here:

                            I was wrong on two counts: He now has four establishments, not three. The Solociccia (second-rate cuts) menu is still 30 Euro. The 50 Euro price is for the Officina della Bistecca and gets you bistecca alla fiorentina.

                        2. re: erica

                          FWIW, here was the menu from our visit to Solociccia (not the Officina) last Fall. It was more food than I could eat! We had a blast; best 30Euro p/p i've ever spent. The 'sushi meatballs'...don't remember which of the listed items it translates to....was like crack.
                          (Altho I would've liked to have sampled the steaks at the other place too).

                      2. I just got back from Florence. I didn't find a great porchetta sandwich there, although you could certainly visit the Central Market, but I did find one in Cortona, in Tuscany at it's Saturday market.

                        Check out my blog at for all the details on where to eat in Florence, Cortona, Sienna, Venice and Rome.

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                          The best porchetta sandwiches are in Umbria, not Tuscany. From stands along the Via Flaminia to norcinerias that sells them.