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Jun 24, 2009 01:24 PM

Reasonable Sushi and other Tokyo Recommendations

Hello Japan Chowhounders,

I'm heading to Tokyo over the 4th of July weekend and pretty clueless....

My husband and I absolutely love Sushi, but the recommendations I keep seeing here seem to be for $300+ per person meals. Anyone know of reasonable sushi recommendations?

We basically have 2 nights and 3 full days in Tokyo and would love to hear what types of food you think are a must to try while there.

I would obviously prefer to not eat in touristy places, but don't speak a word of Japanese, so not sure how realistic it is to eat in a place that is really authentic?

And since we are only about a week and half out, how realistic is it to get reservations? are they necessary? i'm usually a huge planner, but this trip came up at the last minute.

Thanks in advance--these boards are the best!

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  1. Kyubey is popular with the Japanese and is centrally located in Ginza. Go for lunch. You can show up without a reservation. Very nice and usually someone behind the counter will speak a little English.

    Also, Nihonbashi Yukari for a great kasieki dinner. I believe it starts at $100 per person. Chef Kimio Nonaga was the 2002 Iron Chef winner, beating Morimoto.

    Finally, for a kaiseki lunch, starting at about $60, Tsukiji Tamura: (shows photos of a typical lunch)

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      Kyubey is a very good choice, especially for lunch.

      Are you sure about the no reservation part though? I know they have several floors, and an annex etc., but I've also seen them pretty crowded.

    2. There are several stand-up sushi bars in Shibuya that are inexpensive and pretty good. Some of the local hounds may be able to give addresses - I stay at the Excel Shibuya (above the train station) and the 2 places I've been to are within a few blocks of the hotel....that would be a cheap way to satisfy some of the sushi cravings, but not a replacement for a full-on high end experience

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