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Jun 24, 2009 01:21 PM

Buchanan's ... disappointing.

This is one of those places I've been meaning to go to for awhile after hearing many good things, mainly about their burgers. So we went recently.

It was a Friday night about 7pm but we risked it and showed up without reservations. As it turned out there were only three other tables the whole time we were there. And nobody in the bar. For some inexplicable reason we were seated right beside the draughty door to the patio, in a server traffic corridor at the corner of the service bar. Worst table in the house. Strange. Eventually we asked to be moved to a booth as the tiny, cane chairs were uncomfortable - and we are not big people. They obliged us quickly and with smiles.

We ordered burgers. Many places are grinding their own, quality meat these days so Buchanan's can't claim originality on that front and these ones left a lot to be desired. Good tasting patties but the whole sandwich was of a very small circumference and piled very high. The result? Very difficult to eat without trashing the table. That's personal. Maybe that's a sign of a good burger? (a Frenchman once told me that a tablecloth after a great meal should resemble bed sheets after a great night of lovemaking) The bun was cold and a little stale. The "secret sauce" was 1000 Island minus the chopped egg. The coleslaw was nothing more than shredded cabbage without any dressing at all. And the 'fries' were just a mistake best described as five slabs of potato fried until mostly black and absolutely saturated with fryer oil. For $19 per burger we expected more and it left us wishing we had chosen a different downtown restaurant that night. Hey, it was just a burger but done right, a burger can be marvellous haute cuisine too.

Maybe all of this had something to do with them doing such little business on a Friday night, or maybe the stars were just out of alignment for us that night.

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  1. "(a Frenchman once told me that a tablecloth after a great meal should resemble bed sheets after a great night of lovemaking)"

    Either I'm eating wrong, or... no. probably lost something in translation.

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    1. re: 23skidoo

      That's just a messy Frenchman. Probably uses that line all the time.

      La Wife: Honey, did you not shovel the walk?
      Le Frenchman: A sidewalk after a great snowfall should resemble bed sheets after a great night of lovemaking.

      1. re: John Manzo

        I had the same experience at Buchanans years ago and never went back. I think it's just the only place on the west end that isn't sub - earls.

          1. re: John Manzo

            Sorry - I was thinking burgers etc. Anju = Good. Sahara I don't know.

    2. I was at Buchanan's bout a couple of months back. The steak was pretty good. I will admit that I find their appetizers a bit of a hit and miss.

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      1. re: ilikebigmactoo

        Went to Bucanan's two weeks ago. Had the bacon cheeseburger. Ordered it medium rare. Very, very good burger. For $19 it is something I can't do on a regular basis but I will certainly go back.

        1. re: DeeDub

          19 bucks for a good burger aint so bad when you pay 15 for a bloody fat burger excuse.