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Jun 24, 2009 01:01 PM

Garage Sale Goodies


My aunt is having her yearly garage sale and she told me I should sell some of my baked goods to the customers. She lives in a well trafficked area of a nearby suburb. I usually tend to stay away from selling on an individual basis (mostly bridal and wedding showers/special occasion orders) but since my husband was just laid off, I'm willing to give it a try. I'm probably going to make small loaves of my cinnamon walnut coffee cake and the lemon blueberry version as well. Maybe some oatmeal cranberry flaxseed cookies too. Please help me come up with some more ideas for things to sell that would be easy to eat while they shop or to take home with them that doesn't need refridgeration. Thanks! I'm hoping this endeavor will at least make enough money to cover our gas bill...

  1. Make some Hoky Poky Cookies - Google for a recipe.
    They are wonderful!

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      Good luck with your Garage Sale Bakery goods. My one thought is that IF you should do very little business then you'll have a lot left over. Otherwise go for it - as it may be a good way for you to pay your gas bill and other bills.
      Also I'm not sure what the rules are here, but possibly you could post the Bake Sale on this site - as there are a lot of bloggers/readers that I'm sure would help you out - while helping themselves to some good baked goods.

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        Agreed - If you're near Manasquan, I'll come by!

    2. Your coffee cakes sound delicious. I'd emphasize the home made angle and make clear descriptive signs for them. (moist, buttery cake, topped with toasted walnuts, fresh, healthy, blueberries, zesty lemon fragrant cinnamon etc....) Turn it from a cake to a treasure. Garage sales attract people looking for hidden gems. I say play to their senses. Leave out a small plate of samples, too. Make a "coffe cake" sign and steal dunkin donuts font and colors for it. They've spent millions training people to react to those signs with hunger. Might as well use if for yourself. .

      I think soft pretzels with a couple different toppings and a price break for quantity could sell well and you could sell the mustard/cheese/cinnamonappleicing/ dipping sauces separately for more money. Make sure to have free samples for these too. ..

      I would try to keep everything as cheap as possible. Garage sale customers are looking for a deal. If you can offer a cheap lunch you could do really well. Maybe sell hot dogs . and offer a buy 2 get 1 free deal. .Cheap, easy impulse food with a terrific profit margin and if they don't sell/it rains you can freeze the extras for later use. Create a nice sign with all the prices clearly explained and keep it as minimal as possible and don't have any "$" symbols on the sign (2 instead of $2) . I saw an article in the Ledger the other day that said people are more likely to spend money if there are no dollar signs on the menu because they don't equate it with money. I'd also use a red background for the sign with white lettering (like a stop sign) to grab attention and I'd have an American Flag.visible by the menu.

      Sell water/soda for 99 cents you can turn a $5 case of water into $18.76.

      Whatever you choose to do, I wouldn't have too many options. Get people from realizing hunger to buying quick. The longer they take to choose between items the more likely they'll choose nothing. I would concentrate on either cakes, hot dogs, or pretzels. or whatever else I wouldn't do a combination of things..

      1. If I'm not too late brownies are always a big hit at our block wide yard sales. We usually make s'more brownies, cream cheese marbled brownies and Kahlua brownies.

        1. I don't want to be a kill joy, but I'd check to see if you need a permit/license/insurance to sell home made food. Unopened bottled water, sealed store bought snacks etc. are all probably ok. But food you make in your own kitchen could be an issue. Better safe than sorry, I'd check with your municipality.

          1. The good news is your aunt does this every year. She should have a good sense by now of how many people to expect. Make sure you know in advance what kind of weather to expect or you could have a lot left over. Also keep in mind who goes to yard sales and the neighborhood you are in. These sound lovely but most folks go for brownies and the like, and they're looking for cheap. Don't get too complicated and have a big sign that can be seen from the road that says homemade baked goods. Wouldn't worry too much about the food license. Its a yard sale and I've never seen folks peddling lemonade and cookies get busted at one yet. If you have a gas grill you might make a lot more money with less effort selling hot dogs. Its the smell that gets them. Good luck.