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Jun 24, 2009 01:01 PM

Favorite Restaurant to dine solo?

What is everyones favorite spot to dine solo? There are so many great restaurants in our great city, however I find most to be best enjoyed with a large group of friends. Are there any that people particularly enjoy solo? Price, location, cuisine are not a restriction on suggestions!!!!

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  1. Otto, Blue Ribbon Brasserie, Blue RIbbon Downing Street Wine Bar. Balthazar, Raoul's. All at the bar.

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      For me I love dining solo in steakhouses- Keens, Strip House, Old Homestead, BLT Prime, Del Frisco's are all great. Mostly because I KNOW what I am getting before I even go. Whereas if I am going to a restaurant with many many options I would like to have more of a group so I could sample more dishes.

    2. I loved my recent solo meal at the Enoteca at Del Posto. One thing I really enjoyed as a solo diner was that they offer smaller portions of wine by the glass (called "tastings" I believe or something similar) at smaller prices, which enabled me to economically drink both a white and a red with dinner.

      The service was also incredible. Perhaps they provide that level of service to everyone in the Enoteca, but I did get the impression that perhaps they were going out of their way to make me feel comfortable as a solo diner.

      1. Le Gigot in the village. I immediately think of that place, because there have been numerous times I have dined there. (Alone and with others..more so alone.) Food is great and I always get treated perfectly!


        1. If you can get a reservation, my vote is for Momofuku Ko. I've dined there many times solo, and many times I've had nice conversations with the person dining next to me (also dining solo). Even if you don't want to have conversation, it is great to simply watch the chefs prepare the many courses.

          1. The kitchen pass at Hearth.