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Jun 24, 2009 12:55 PM

Garage Sale Goodies

My aunt is having her yearly garage sale and she told me I should sell some of my baked goods to the customers. She lives in a well trafficked area of a nearby suburb. I usually tend to stay away from selling on an individual basis (mostly bridal and wedding showers/special occasion orders) but since my husband was just laid off, I'm willing to give it a try. I'm probably going to make small loaves of my cinnamon walnut coffee cake and the lemon blueberry version as well. Maybe some oatmeal cranberry flaxseed cookies too. Please help me come up with some more ideas for things to sell that would be easy to eat while they shop or to take home with them that doesn't need refridgeration. Thanks! I'm hoping this endeavor will at least make enough money to cover our gas bill...

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  1. A very easy recipe that is extremely popular in our region is the Chinese Almond Cookie.
    For those who might be looking for something less sweet, a platter of sliced savory Focaccia might be tempting.
    But I'd put the sweet stuff on a table seperate from the savory items. The mixed aromas resulting from close proximation might hinder sales.

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      the focaccia is a great idea. I know when i'm bargain hunting i get hungry, but most places don't serve good food or food at all. i'm sure that the adult shoppers will want some yummy focaccia! thanks!

    2. have you thought about making some kind of treat that kids LOVE? In my experience, many garage sale shoppers have kiddos in tow... and you know how they can be when they want/need a cookie. ;-) perhaps some simple sugar cookies with colored sugar?

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        i have thought about that. but i was thinking cupcakes with sprinkes on the icing or mini choc. chips may be a little more enticing. But a simple butter cookie with colored sugar is so easy and cheap i cannot overlook your idea!! Thank you.

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          My 2 cents as a parent: I'm more likely to treat the kids to a cookie or rice krispie treat while we're out and about. Much easier cleanup than anything with icing... especially if I don't have a napkin/wipes handy.

      2. brownies and blondies, and package them up 2-3 in a baggie for small sales.

        1. Non-refrigerated, portable treats? I think you’re on the right track with cookies, brownies, and cakes / breads. All that stuff can be easily packaged. I’d keep anything with chocolate in the shade so they don’t get too melty and gooey.

          Wouldn’t hurt to have a few pitchers of lemonade or other concoctions as well stored in a cooler. Reading your post I kept thinking “bake-sale”, and I’ve thought about doing the same sort of thing when my neighborhood has their yardsale in the fall. Good luck!

          1. Don't forget the cookies!
            Peanut butter
            Oatmeal walnut